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Crossway, 2016 | 352 pages

John MacArthur continues to be a leading voice in the defense and exposition of biblical inerrancy. Throughout his ministry in preaching and writing he has kept this doctrine in the headlines, and just last year (2015) we welcomed his Scripture Cannot Be Broken – a valuable collection of historic, landmark essays on inspiration. Now in March of this year he offers what promises to be one of the leading contemporary resources on the subject. In his new The Inerrant Word MacArthur brings together an all-star team of Evangelical pastors and theologians to address and expound inerrancy from various biblical, historical, theological, and pastoral perspectives. The list of contributors and topics in the Table of Contents speaks for itself!


Table of Contents


R.C. Sproul


Why a Book on Biblical Inerrancy Is Necessary
John MacArthur


Part 1
Inerrancy in the Bible: Building the Case

  1. The Sufficiency of Scripture
    Psalm 19
    John MacArthur
  2. “Men Spoke from God”
    2 Peter 1:16-21
    Derek W. H. Thomas
  3. How to Know God: Meditate on His Word
    Psalm 119
    Mark Dever
  4. Christ, Christians, and the Word of God
    Matthew 5:17–20
    Kevin DeYoung
  5. Jesus’s Submission to Holy Scripture
    John 10:35–36
    Ian Hamilton
  6. The Nature, Benefits, and Results of Scripture
    2 Timothy 3:16–17
    Ligon Duncan III
  7. Let the Lion Out
    2 Timothy 4:1–5
    Alistair Begg


Part 2
Inerrancy in Church History: Showing the Precedent

  1. The Ground and Pillar of the Faith
    The Witness of Pre-Reformation History to the Doctrine of Sola Scriptura
    Nathan Busenitz
  2. The Power of the Word in the Present
    Inerrancy and the Reformation
    Carl R. Trueman
  3. How Scotland Lost Her Hold on the Bible
    A Case Study of Inerrancy Compromise
    Iain H. Murray
  4. How Did It Come to This?
    Modernism’s Challenges to Inerrancy
    Stephen J. Nichols


Part 3
Inerrancy in Theological Perspective: Answering the Critics

  1. Foundations of Biblical Inerrancy
    Definition and Prolegomena
    John M. Frame
  2. Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
    Inerrancy and Hermeneutics
    Albert Mohler Jr.
  3. The Use of Hosea 11:1 in Matthew 2:15
    Inerrancy and Genre
    G.K. Beale
  4. Is Inerrancy Inert? Closing the Hermeneutical “Loophole”
    Inerrancy and Intertextuality
    Abner Chou
  5. Can Error and Revelation Coexist?
    Inerrancy and Alleged Contradictions
    William Barrick
  6. The Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures
    Inerrancy and Pneumatology
    Sinclair B. Ferguson
  7. How the Perfect Light of Scripture Allows Us to See Everything Else
    Inerrancy and Clarity
    Brad Klassen
  8. Words of God and Words of Man
    Inerrancy and Dual Authorship
    Matt Waymeyer
  9. Do We Have a Trustworthy Text?
    Inerrancy and Canonicity, Preservation, and Textual Criticism
    Michael J. Kruger


Part 4
Inerrancy in Pastoral Practice: Applying to Life

  1. The Invincible Word
    Inerrancy and the Power of Scripture
    Steven J. Lawson
  2. The Mandate and the Motivations
    Inerrancy and Expository Preaching
    John MacArthur
  3. Putting Scripture Front and Center
    Inerrancy and Apologetics
    Michael Vlach
  4. “All That I Have Commanded”
    Inerrancy and the Great Commission
    Miguel Núñez

Afterword:  Keep the Faith

John MacArthur

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