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Center Street, 2018 | 331 pages

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By Benjamin Montoya


Editor’s Note:

With this “Bonus” Book Summary we continue our series on culture and society. Our current president is a polarizing figure, we understand. This book captures his agenda, and we are happy to provide it as requested.


About the Author

Newt Gingrich is former Speaker of the House and coauthor of several bestselling books.



Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again.” What exactly does that mean? Consider reading this book and its summary to learn more.


Table of Contents

Part I: The Great Comeback
Chapter 1  The Fight for Trump’s America
Chapter 2  The Comeback of “One Nation”
Chapter 3  The Comeback of “Under God”
Chapter 4  The Comeback of Sovereignty, Ending the New World Order
Chapter 5  The Comeback of Free Speech
Chapter 6  The Comeback of the American Economy, Part 1 – Cutting Red Tape
Chapter 7  The Comeback of the American Economy, Part 2 – The Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017
Chapter 8  The Comeback of the Constitutional Judiciary
Chapter 9  The Comeback of American Health Care

Part II: Challenges
Chapter 10  Fighting Fake News
Chapter 11  The Rule of Law versus the Rule of Mueller
Chapter 12  Draining the Swamp
Chapter 13  Let’s Trump Addiction
Chapter 14  Helping Americans Return to Work
Chapter 15  Reaching Beyond the Stars
Chapter 16  The Comeback Is Not Guaranteed


Part I: The Great Comeback

Chapter 1: The Fight for Trump’s America

Have you ever realized that you were in a fight without even knowing it? As citizens of the US, there is a real political and ideological fight that is going on all around us. The fight specifically surrounds the identity of what it means to be an American. Trump entered this fight firsthand when he became president. Trump believes that America’s historic prosperity and power is due to the nation’s unique founding principles and that Americans today should seek to uphold these ideals.

Given that there are two sides of a fight, we need to think about who Trump’s opponents are now. This can be thought of as the “Anti-Trump Coalition.” This side disagrees with the ideals that Trump holds. They think America is not exceptional and, as a result, should become more like other countries in the world.

Trump’s vision for America is the path to exceptionalism while preserving different opinions and backgrounds. Trump intends to build the US so that there can be the opportunity for America to prosper like it has in the past.

Ultimately, in any fight, only one side can win. As this book progresses, we will see how Trump plans to and is winning that fight despite what the media—part of the anti-Trump coalition—reports.


Chapter 2: The Comeback of “One Nation”

Trump desires for America to once again become one nation. That is, whoever lives here and wherever they come from, they all need to assimilate to become part of the one nation that is the US. They need to love the US, learn to speak English, and learn to function within this country as it operates. This perspective can come off as sounding anti-immigration. But, it is far from it.

This perspective is open to immigrants provided they come legally and assimilate into the culture itself. This position is not new. Trump’s position goes back to Roosevelt. The anti-Trump coalition…

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Center Street, 2018 | 331 pages

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