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We are pastors, university and seminary professors, theologians, and authors whose ambition is to equip and encourage the people of God in the faith. We are here to help Christians who cannot read everything but want to learn and keep up.


Learn from excellent contemporary Christian authors. Keep up to date with the newest in Christian publications. We are here to serve.


Digest entire new books in a matter of minutes! Keep up with more books in less time and make informed choices on which books to purchase and read through.

What people say about Books at a Glance

A wise man nearly three thousand years ago said that there was no end to the making of many books. If that was true then, how much more today? Who has time to keep up with the daily deluge of print material that is worth reading? Enter Books At a Glance. This fabulous resource offers a substantial summary of all that is current and valuable in the realm of theology, Bible, and church history, enabling the reader “at a glance” to see whether or not he needs to buy the book or make a note of it for future reference. In an age when we are drowning in text, a much needed life buoy.

Michael Haykin Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Director, Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies

Of making many books there is no end” (Eccles. 12:12). If that was true in Solomon’s day, how much more true is it today in the 21st century! Even the best of us can only read a tiny fraction of what is written. If we want to “make the best use of our time” (Eph. 5:16), we could use some help so that we don’t waste our reading. I thank God, therefore, for ministries like “Books At a Glance,” designed to guide us to choose our reading wisely. From summaries to reviews to interviews, I expect this to be a key resource to help me know what is out there and what to read next.

Justin Taylor Publisher for books, Crossway Blogger, "Between Two Worlds"

Keeping up to date with trends and knowing which books are worth reading is time consuming and, in the current information-saturated age, increasingly impossible. The use of quality book summaries and book reviews can be very helpful in discerning both general trends and also which volumes are worthy of careful study. Books at a glance looks set to be a great tool for exactly these tasks.

Carl Trueman Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary

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