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Zondervan, 2015 | 2912 pages

Not all study Bibles are created equal. Our generation has seen a proliferation of study Bibles, each with its own distinctive and many with wonderful advantages, but the new NIV Zondervan Study Bible edited by D.A. Carson is in a class by itself. Carson, along with his outstanding committee of T. Desmond Alexander, Richard S. Hess, Douglas J. Moo, and Andrew David Naselli, has assembled a team of more than 60 scholars from several countries and various denominations to produce a study Bible of a new kind.

As you would expect from D.A. Carson, the NIVZSB is marked by the best of faithful, informed biblical scholarship. And as you would also expect from him, this new study Bible is distinguished by its gospel-centered, biblical-theological approach with notes and essays that track the Scripture’s own historical development of important biblical themes.

Due for release on August 25, 2015, the NIVZSB will doubtless take a leading place among study Bibles.

Here’s the endorsement I wrote for the NIVZSB:

This is a Study Bible like no other! Hess and Alexander on Genesis. Waltke on Proverbs. Carson on the Gospel of John. Moo on Romans. Introductions. Notes explaining “what this means” and tracking the Bible’s own developing themes. About 30 essays on major biblical themes. Historical guides. A distinctive biblical-theological approach. Deeply informed throughout. What more could we want? It’s not every study Bible that brings a layman-accessible seminary education with it, but this one surely does. It does not take a prophet to predict that many who do not already use the NIV will begin using it now just because of the learning this Study Bible delivers.

About those Essays

Carson has included about 30 essays on major biblical themes that drive and develop the biblical story and teaching.

The Story of the Bible: How the Good News About Jesus Is Central (Timothy Keller)
The Bible and Theology (D. A. Carson)
A Biblical-Theological Overview of the Bible (D. A. Carson)
The Glory of God (James M. Hamilton Jr.)
Creation (Henri A. G. Blocher)
Sin (Kevin DeYoung)
Covenant (Paul R. Williamson)
Law (T. D. Alexander)
Temple (T. D. Alexander)
Priest (Dana M. Harris)
Sacrifice (Jay A. Sklar)
Exile and Exodus (Thomas Richard Wood)
The Kingdom of God (T. D. Alexander)
Sonship (D. A. Carson)
The City of God (T. D. Alexander)
Prophets and Prophecy (Sam Storms)
Death and Resurrection (Philip S. Johnston)
People of God (Moisés Silva)
Wisdom (Daniel J. Estes)
Holiness (Andrew David Naselli)
Justice (Brian S. Rosner)
Wrath (Christopher W. Morgan)
Love and Grace (Graham A. Cole)
The Gospel  (Greg D. Gilbert)
Worship (David G. Peterson)
Mission (Andreas J. Köstenberger)
Shalom (Timothy Keller)
The Consummation (Douglas J. Moo)

When you purchase the NIVZSB you will be given online electronic access to the Study Bible as well.

A Sneak Peak

I’ve read through a good bit of the material in the NIVZSB already, and I’m excited for the potential this Study Bible has for leading Christians to a closer understanding of Scripture. We’ll talk about it here on Books At a Glance again, I’m sure. For now, here is a free 50-page sample you can read to get a feel for what awaits you. And here are two videos you may enjoy.

This 1½ minute video highlights the leading features of the NIVZSB.


In this 4½ minute video D.A. Carson highlights his goals for the NIVZSB and its advantages: 


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Niv Zondervan Study Bible

Zondervan, 2015 | 2912 pages

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