Ask Dr. David Peterson a Question about Sanctification, Regeneration, and Renewal

Published on September 19, 2016 by Todd Scacewater

IVP, 2001 | 191 pages


Would you like to ask Dr. David Peterson a question?

In a recent post, Dr. David Peterson, author of Possessed by God, summarizes for us the nature of New Testament Sanctification and clarifies its relation to the language of regeneration and renewal. It may not be what you expect – be sure to check it out!

The importance of Dr. Peterson’s work in this area has been widely recognized, and he has graciously offered to entertain your questions! If you have questions for him on the doctrine of sanctification and related issues, please just contact us, and we will forward your question to him.

We look forward to hearing from you! And stay tuned for his response!

Dr. David Peterson is Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer in New Testament at Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia. 


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Possessed by God

IVP, 2001 | 191 pages

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