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P&R Publishing, 2014 | 974 pages


The need for Christians to read and learn theology remains, and in a culture that is intimidated by books – especially big ones! – it is wise, strategic thinking on the part of P&R Publishing to launch its Basics of the Faith series. Each book addresses a big, important theological question and crunches the answer into a brief 30 to 45 small-size pages. Profound as the issues may be, the reading is popular level and readily accessible to the average reader.


Titles & Authors
Here are some of the titles P&R has available:

Philip Graham Ryken, What is the Christian Worldview?

Daniel Hyde, Why Believe in God?

David Wells, What is the Trinity?

Derek Thomas, What is Providence?

William Evans, What is the Incarnation?

Ian Duguid, Is Jesus in the Old Testament?

Guy Prentiss Waters, What is the Bible?

Gene Edward Veith, Why God Gave us a Book

Burk Parsons, Why Do We Have Creeds?

Craig Troxel, What is Man?

Richard Phillips, What are Election and Predestination?

Richard Philips, What is Atonement?

Sean Michael Lucas, What is Grace?

Matthew Barrett, What is Regeneration?

Guy Richard, What is Faith?

Stephen Smallman, What is True Conversion?

J.V. Fesko, What is Justification?

Michael Milton, What is the Doctrine of Adoption?

Michael Milton, What is the Perseverance of the Saints?

Stephen Smallman, What Is Discipleship?

Very Poythress, What are Spiritual Gifts?

Stephen Nichols, What is Vocation?

Stanley Gale, Why do we Pray?

Stanley Gale, What is Spiritual Warfare?

John Hannah, How Do We Glorify God?

George Robertson, What Is Evangelism?

Richard Philips, What Happens After Death?

Joel Beeke, What is Resurrection?

Christopher Morgan & Robert Peterson, What is Hell?

Philip Ryken & Noah Toly, What Is Mercy Ministry?


Leading Features
Reading through these booklets, several features stand out.

Significance:  Each title addresses a question of “need to know” importance and relevance to Christian faith and life.

Brevity:  These booklets are just 30-45 small-size pages each and are not at all intimidating to people who feel daunted by a larger book.

Depth:  Each booklet distills the essence of the topic under discussion.

Accessibility:  These booklets are readable and understandable on the lay level.

Usability:  These booklets are eminently usable in the local church and address questions parishioners often ask.

Affordability:  Coming in at under $5.00 each these booklets fit the budget of any willing reader and are easily affordable for church giveaways.


Put to Use!
Because of all these features I am making use of this Basics of the Faith series and the Christian Answers to Hard Questions series (also from P&R) for giveaway in our church. I have become a fan of this kind of publication that combines such substance with both brevity and accessibility. It is a resource rich with potential and deserves wide use.

Fred G. Zaspel


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Basics Of The Faith

P&R Publishing, 2014 | 974 pages

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