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Kregel Academic, 2017 | 512 pages

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Biblical Leadership takes the best of evangelical scholarship to make the leadership lessons of Scripture tangible for today’s readers. All contributors are biblical scholars who not only think seriously about the texts covered in their individual chapters, but have committed their lives to teaching and living the truths therein.

This volume walks through the sections of the Bible, gleaning insights from each biblical writer. Every chapter analyzes the original setting of the writing, extrapolates the leadership principles in the text, and provides advice on applying that theology of leadership. Presented in everyday language understandable to both professionals and practitioners, these lessons will equip current and upcoming leaders to make a Christlike impact.


About the Editors:

Benjamin K. Forrest (EdD, Liberty University) is chair of practical studies at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He is coauthor or coeditor of several books, including Good Arguments and A Missional Legacy of the Reformation.

Chet Roden (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological) is chair of biblical studies at Liberty School of Divinity specializing in Old Testament and archaeology. His other publications include 30 Days to Genesis: A Devotional Commentary.



Fred Zaspel, Executive Editor at Books At a Glance:

A genuine contribution to leadership studies.

J. DanielHays, Professor of Biblical Studies &Dean, Pruet School of Christian Studies, Ouachita Baptist University:

In essence this fascinating book is a fairly comprehensive biblical theology of leadership. With a stellar contributor lineup of outstanding OT and NT scholars, this book is arguably the most text-driven and thus truly biblically based book on “biblical leadership” that is in print. Covering both the Old Testament and the New Testament, and moving from biblical exegesis to practical application for leaders today, each of the 33 chapters, along with the epilogue, adds a helpful dimension of what true biblical leadership looks like and how it plays out in life today. I highly recommend it!

Aubrey Malphurs, Senior Professor of Educational Ministries,Leadership, and Pastoral Ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary:

I like the sound of Biblical Leadership:Theology for the Everyday Leader. I’m excitedthat we have a number of younger pastors filling the pulpits of some of ourchurches-especially the larger ones. But as I listen to far too many, I don’thear much Bible, and that concerns me. Paul exhorts us to “preach the Word.” Forrestand Roden have taken this charge into account in a book that focuses theleader’s attention on Scripture. Just a quick search through the table ofcontents and you will recognize the names of a number of Bible scholars who arealso biblical leaders that preach, and hold up the word as being paramount intheir leadership. They model scripture for us in their leadership and that’srefreshing. The editors’ point can’t be missed – not only are we to preach theword, but we’re to lead by the word.

Jack Graham, Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church:

The saying is true: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” This is true for government, businesses, organizations and it’s true forchurches.  Never has there been more of a need for godly and bold leadership in our pulpits than today. This is why I’m grateful for this new work Biblical Leadership: Theology for the Everyday Leader.  While many people are writing on the subject of leadership, very few are offering principles and examples of leadership from a biblical point of view. This book strikes a great balance between helping readers understand the theological foundations of biblical leadership as well as giving practical wisdom and insight for leading in today’s culture.  Every pastor will benefit from having this resource in his personal library.

Steven M.OrtizDirector, Charles D. TandyInstitute of Archaeology, and Professor of Archaeology and Biblical Backgrounds, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary:

Finally a book on leadership that takes the biblical revelation seriously. The authors do not start with a format or set of principles and then plug in biblical texts; they first start with the biblical revelation and discern leadership principles. Naturally this book will not be a’how to’ book on leadership or provide wise pastoral lessons on leading God’speople; instead the reader will be exposed to the biblical text and in turn biblical truths as foundations for leaders. If you are looking for a quick resource for leadership principles this is not the book for you. If you want to know what the counsel of God’s word says about leadership then you will find value in this book.

Colin G. Kruse, Senior Lecturer in New Testament, Melbourne School of Theology:

Leadership is a crucial to the well-being of any organization, not least that of the Christian community, whether that be of a local congregational, the wider denominational level, or of para-church missional and welfare/development agencies. Biblical Leadership:Theology for the Everyday Leader, edited by Benjamin K. Forrest and ChetRoden, constitutes a unique contribution to the literature dealing with Christian leadership, especially because of the broad biblical approach adopted, the caliber of the scholars enlisted for the project, and the essays each has contributed. Most parts of the Bible are explored, noting their particular historical contexts, and highlighting the various aspects of leadership they reflect and/or mandate. It’s good to see a crossover from academic to practical theology in these essays, something that will make them attractive for many readersThis text makes an important contribution to the study of Christian leadership, and one that deserves a wide readership.

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Kregel Academic, 2017 | 512 pages

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