Book Notice: BANNER MINI-GUIDES, from Banner of Truth

Published on December 21, 2018 by Joshua R Monroe

Banner of Truth, 2018 | 112 pages

A Brief Book Notice from Books at a Glance


The Banner of Truth is excited to introduce a new series on the Christian Faith: Banner Mini-Guides.

The series is divided into five sections: Key Truths, Christian History, Christian Living, the Christian Mind, and Christian Mission. Each title will provide an outline of the subject in simple, easy to understand, terms. Enough information is provided to enlarge your understanding of the theme, but with the goal of whetting your appetite and encouraging you to explore the subject in more detail. Suggestions for further reading are included in each book.

Each book is deliberately kept around 100 pages long in the hope that even people who are not regular readers would find them accessible. They are also very affordable, retailing at $8, and so could be used as gifts to encourage people to read. We hope too that churches will want to use them in group studies, or as the basis for Sunday school or Bible class lessons, and to help with this, each book is divided into 13 chapters to fit with teaching quarters.

The series is beginning with four books, which indicates there will be more to come! So stay tuned. . .

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Salvation: Full and Free in Christ

Banner of Truth, 2018 | 112 pages

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