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Reformation Heritage Books, 2018 | 332 pages

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We are pleased to announce the release of Michael Barrett’s revised edition of Beginning At Moses: A Guide to Finding Christ in the Old Testament. It’s one of our favorite topics, and his work has been a proven guide indeed.


From the Introduction:

If Christ is the central theme of Scripture and the key that unlocks the meaning and message of the Old Testament, it is imperative that every reader of the Old Testament see the Lord Jesus. I am not suggesting that the person and work of the Messiah is the only issue or doctrine in the Old Testament, but I am suggesting that every other truth or command finds its ultimate reference in Him. To attempt to implement anything the Bible requires of us without reference to Jesus Christ is folly, whether it is Old Testament or New Testament truth. The relationship between Christ and Christian living—that is, implementing the gospel—is itself a large and significant study. But the first step in applying Christ in life is knowing what is true about Christ. What we know about Christ is not the figment of imagination; it is the subject and focus of divine revelation. And the Old Testament is a major part of that revelation. But saying Christ is there and finding Him there are two different things. For Christians to hear from their pastors or teachers that Christ is on every page of the Old Testament creates frustration when in the real world of their personal study they see nothing that resembles what they know about Christ. Many can adopt the words of the bride when she expressed her longing for her beloved: “I sought him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not” (Song 3:1). She then asks the question of the watchman: “Saw ye him whom my soul loveth?” (v. 3). We can sympathize with her desire and her frustration. They parallel closely the desire and frustration of many who read the Old Testament looking for their beloved Savior but not finding Him in what seems to be the darkness. The problem often is simply not knowing how to look, where to look, or what to look for. I propose in this study to define and illustrate some guidelines for finding Christ in the Old Testament.
It is beyond the scope of this book to treat exhaustively every messianic passage in the Old Testament. It is not my purpose to provide a Christology of the Old Testament. There are many of those available. Rather, I want even those who are not skilled specialists in theology or Hebrew linguistics to be able to read and profit from the Old Testament in the light of the Lord Jesus Christ. The approach is basic. In part 1 we will identify whom to look for. We will consider basic truths about Christ’s person and work that will help us recognize Him when we see Him. Part 2 is the principal focus: where to look. Here we will consider some of the key places in the Old Testament where Christ is revealed. We will look at topics such as predictive prophecies, preincarnate personal appearances, important names or titles, typology, covenants, and worship. If we know whom we are looking for and where to find Him, we ought to be able to find Him. “Those things which are revealed belong unto us” (Deut. 29:29). Searching for Christ in the places God has revealed Him is not a vain game of hide-and-seek; it is a sure thing. God’s promise throughout the Bible is that those who seek Him will find Him. Beginning at Moses and ending with Malachi, we want to be on Christ alert.


Table of Contents


Part 1: Whom to Look For

1. Jesus the Messiah
2. The Person of Christ
3. The Work of Christ

Part 2: Where to Look

4. Christ in the Covenants
5. Christ in Person
6. Christ in His Names
7. Christ in Word Prophecy
8. Christ in Picture Prophecy—Explained
9. Christ in Picture Prophecy—Illustrated
10. Christ in Song


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Beginning at Moses: A Guide to Finding Christ in the Old Testament

Reformation Heritage Books, 2018 | 332 pages

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