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Great Writing, 2017 | 290 pages

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No one who knew John Newton as a young lad would ever have dreamed that this teenage rebel, profane sailor, naval deserter and slave-trader would one day write the lyrics to one of the best-known hymns of all time, Amazing Grace. The story of how such a notorious sinner was converted to Christ and went on to become an equally noteworthy pastor and leader of the evangelical movement in eighteenth century England is simply astounding. In compiling this selection from his writings, Todd Murray has made Newton’s gentle pastoral wisdom available to a new generation of readers.


About the Author

Todd Murray is the Pastor of Family Ministries at Grace Immanuel Bible Church in Jupiter, Florida, where he also serves as a member of the faculty of The Expositor’s Seminary. He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and Moody Graduate School where he studied both music and theology. He has composed and recorded several albums of worship songs including one focused on the hymns of John Newton. He and his wife Tandy are blessed to be the parents of five children and recently became grandparents.



D.A. Carson:

When I lived in England I managed to secure a photocopy of all of John Newton’s unpublished sermons. I doubted that there would be sufficient interest in a critical edition to supplement his already published works, but I wondered if I would ever have time to compile the “best” bits. I wonder no longer. Todd Murray has culled the material published and unpublished, and produced a delightful and edifying book that deserves to become a classic in confessional evangelical spirituality, on par with Andrew Bonar’s Memoirs of M’Cheyne.

 J. I. Packer:

Ex-slave-trader John Newton was the friendliest, wisest, humblest and least pushy of all the eighteenth-century evangelical leaders, and was perhaps the greatest pastoral letter-writer of all time. Beyond Amazing Grace gives us Newton’s heart, and what a heart it was! This book is pure gold

Dr. John MacArthur:

This is a fascinating digest of insights from John Newton’s lesser-known hymns and writings. What stands out most in Newton’s post-conversion character is the depth of his interest in biblical truth, sound doctrine and systematic theology. Almost from the moment he was changed by God’s amazing grace, Newton was driven by a heartfelt passion for understanding the truth and proclaiming it to others with the utmost clarity and simplicity. That, as much as any other characteristic, made him one of the great English hymn-writers of all time. You will be both moved and invigorated as you read it, too, I am certain.

Jerry Bridges:

While John Newton is known primarily as the author of the hymn, Amazing Grace he was actually a very competent physician of the soul, both in diagnosing its ills, and providing the scriptural remedy. Unfortunately our current Christian public has benefited little from the work of this amazing man. Now Todd Murray has done us an outstanding favor by making available to us both the writings and the hymns of Newton. I highly commend this book and look forward to reading it many times.

R. Kent Hughes:

Todd Murray is an authority on the epic life of John Newton, a discerning lover of Newton’s prose, poetry and hymns, a pastor-theologian who understands the contours of the great man’s thought, and a gifted musician who has composed memorable new music for Newton’s less known hymns. All of this makes Beyond Amazing Grace a graced read — that will enlighten and elevate the soul of every reader.

Lance Quinn: 

This is an account of the trials and triumphs of Newton himself, looking through the lens of his life, letters, sermons, and hymns. It is a rich feast of spiritual nourishment for your own soul. Through both the music and book, you’ll gain both an appreciation for Newton the pastor, as well as the song-writer, and in so doing, you’ll see your own Christian life be blessed and enriched.


Table of Contents


1 So Great Salvation
Newton’s own conversion
The love of God
Sovereign grace
Assurance of salvation

2 Growing in Holiness
Progressive sanctification
Battling remaining sin
God’s purposes in trials

3 Spiritual Disciplines
Reading and meditation
Personal worship
Family worship
Knowing the will of God

4 Pastoral Ministry
The minister and his work
Nuggets of wisdom

5 Life Beyond the Grave
On the loss of a loved one
Newton’s last days


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Beyond Amazing Grace: Timeless pastoral wisdom from the letters, hymns, and sermons of John Newton

Great Writing, 2017 | 290 pages

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