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Crossway, 2021 | 544 pages

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A few years ago John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue (eds.)  released their Biblical Doctrine: A Systematic Summary of Bible Truth. Although widely received it was massive (1,000+ pages), and it was soon recognized that a more condensed version would be helpful for many; hence, this new Essential Christian Doctrine: A Handbook on Biblical Truth.

MacArthur’s faithful ministry has long been marked by a clear exposition of the teachings of Scripture, and in a sense, his work on Systematic Theology is the capstone of it all. Pulling from the whole Bible, MacArthur and team present its teaching in all the major domains of theology: what the Bible teaches about the Bible itself, God, Christ, the Spirit, Man, Sin, Salvation, Angels, the Church, and the Future. As anyone acquainted with MacArthur’s ministry would anticipate, the work is marked by both clarity and biblical focus. This will doubtless prove to be a valuable aid to many Christians in their pursuit of a closer learning of Bible doctrine.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Prolegomena
  2. God’s Word: Bibliology
  3. God the Father: Theology Proper
  4. God the Son: Christology
  5. God the Spirit: Pneumatology
  6. Man and Sin: Anthropology and Hamartiology
  7. Salvation: Soteriology
  8. Angels: Angelology
  9. The Church: Ecclesiology
  10. The Future: Eschatology



Derek W.H. Thomas

  • Clarity ought to be an essential requirement of books on systematic theology. And this one offers just that! A comprehensive summary of all that a Christian needs to know―sounds like something every Christian should have available, doesn’t it? And written by a name that epitomizes orthodoxy and truth―John MacArthur. Enough said. It speaks for itself.

Steven J. Lawson

  • This volume is the life achievement of almost fifty years of preaching in one pulpit by this world-class expositor, John MacArthur. He has stood, week after week, even decade after decade, plumbing the depths of the biblical text and connecting its truths together, leading to this well-constructed body of divinity. Here is the crown jewel from this brilliant pastor and author that will cause the truth of Scripture to shine even brighter before our eyes.

Thomas R. Schreiner

  • The ministry of John MacArthur has had a worldwide impact. MacArthur and Mayhue clearly unfold the doctrines that are at the heart of this ministry, which has touched so many. Here we see a ministry built on truth, the truth of God’s Word and the truth of the gospel. A wonderful resource for students, pastors, and professors.

Iain H. Murray

  • This book comes from a lifetime of studying and from the garnered wisdom of centuries. In combining devotion to Scripture with commitment to biblical doctrine, it addresses a great contemporary need. Strong beliefs make strong churches. One does not have to agree with the esteemed authors on every subject to be thankful for a volume of rich and enduring importance.

Albert Mohler

  • This new resource is a rich and compelling presentation of Christianity’s theological foundations, providing readers with an accessible but compelling systematization of biblical truth. As the last vestiges of Christian influence erode in the West, rich theological resources like Biblical Doctrine will edify and strengthen the church as it faces stiff opposition from the world.

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Crossway, 2021 | 544 pages

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