Book Notice: ESV Expository Commentary Series

Published on November 11, 2020 by Benjamin J. Montoya

Crossway, 2018 | 1000 pages

A Brief Book Notice from Books At a Glance


This excellent new series of commentaries from Crossway is moving along well toward completion, and with each volume released it continues to prove a very useful resource for students of Scripture.

Below is a listing of the complete set, indicating the volumes that are now available:

Volume 1:  Genesis – Numbers

  • Genesis: Iain Duguid
  • Exodus: Jay Sklar
  • Leviticus: Christine Palmer
  • Numbers: Ronald Bergey

Volume 2:  Deuteronomy – Ruth

  • Deuteronomy – August H. Konkel
  • Joshua – David Reimer
  • Judges – Miles V, Van Pelt
  • Ruth – Jay Sklar

Volume 3:  1 Samuel – 2 Chronicles

  • 1-2 Samuel: John L. Mackay
  • 1-2 Kings: Gary Millar
  • 1-2 Chronicles: John W. Olley

Volume 4: Ezra – Job (coming soon)

  • Ezra-Nehemiah: Brian Aucker
  • Esther: Eric Ortlund
  • Job: Douglas Sean O’Donnell

Volume 5:  Psalms – Song of Solomon

  • Psalms: John Collins
  • Proverbs: Ryan Patrick O’Dowd
  • Ecclesiastes: Max Rogland
  • Song of Solomon: Douglas O’Donnell

Volume 6:  Isaiah – Ezekiel

  • Isaiah – Bob Fyall
  • Jeremiah – Jerry Hwang
  • Lamentations – Heath Thomas
  • Ezekiel – Iain Duguid

Volume 7:  Daniel – Malachi

  • Daniel: Mitchell L. Chase
  • Hosea: George M. Swab, Sk.
  • Joel: Allan M. Harmon
  • Amos: Michael G. McKelvey
  • Obadiah: Max Rogland
  • Jonah: Jay Sklar
  • Micah: Stephen G. Dempster
  • Nahum: Daniel C. Timmer
  • Habakkuk: David G. Firth
  • Zephaniah: Jason DeRouchie
  • Haggai: Michael Stead
  • Zechariah: Anthony R. Peterson
  • Malachi: Eric Ortlund

Volume 8: Matthew – Luke (coming soon)

  • Matthew: Dan Doriani
  • Mark: Hans F. Bayer
  • Luke: Peter Geoffrey Bolt

Volume 9:  John – Acts

  • John: James M. Hamilton, Jr.
  • Acts: Brian Vickers

Volume 10: Romans – Galatians

  • Romans: Robert W. Yarbrough
  • 1 Corinthians:  Andrew David Naselli
  • 2 Corinthians: Dane Ortland
  • Galatians: Frank Thielman

Volume 11:  Ephesians – Philemon

  • Ephesians: Benjamin L. Merkle
  • Philippians: Jason C. Meyer
  • Colossians: Alistair I. Wilson
  • 1-2 Thessalonians: David W. Chapman
  • 1-2 Timothy & Titus: Denny Burk
  • Philemon: Alistair I. Wilson

Volume 12:  Hebrews – Revelation

  • Hebrews: Dennis E. Johnson
  • James: Robert L. Plummer
  • 1 Peter: Sam Storms
  • 2 Peter & Jude: Matthew Harmon
  • 1-3 John: Ray Van Neste
  • Revelation: Thomas R. Schreiner


Characteristics of the ESV Expository Commentary series:

  • exegetically sound—self-consciously submissive to the flow of thought and lines of reasoning discernible in the biblical text;
  • robustly biblical-theological—reading the Bible as diverse yet bearing an overarching unity, narrating a single storyline of redemption culminating in Christ;
  • globally aware—aimed as much as possible at a global audience, in line with Crossway’s mission to provide the Bible and theologically responsible resources to as many people around the world as possible;
  • broadly reformed—standing in the historical stream of the Reformation, affirming that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, taught in Scripture alone, for God’s glory alone; holding high a big God with big grace for big sinners;
  • doctrinally conversant—fluent in theological discourse; drawing appropriate brief connections to matters of historical or current theological importance;
  • pastorally useful—transparently and reverently “sitting under the text”; avoiding lengthy grammatical/syntactical discussions;
  • application-minded—building brief but consistent bridges into contemporary living in both Western and non-Western contexts (being aware of the globally diverse contexts toward which these volumes are aimed);
  • efficient in expression—economical in its use of words; not a word-byword analysis but a crisply moving exposition.

Highly recommended! Buy the available volumes for your home library and for your pastor!


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ESV EXPOSITORY COMMENTARY SERIES, by Iain M. Duguid, James M. Hamilton Jr., Jay Sklar (eds.)

Crossway, 2018 | 1000 pages

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