Book Notice: FAITHFUL AND FRUITFUL: ESSAYS FOR ELDERS AND DEACONS, by William Boekestein and Steven Swets

Published on February 12, 2020 by Benjamin J. Montoya

Reformed Fellowship, 2019 | 289 pages

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Effective ministry does not just happen, and few books are given to helping church officers think through and prepare for effective ministry. That’s the niche this book seeks to fill. Twenty helpful essays on various aspects of pastoral and diaconal local church ministry. Seasoned counsel and direction for any church officer but especially valuable for those who would like to “gain experience ahead of time.”


Table of Contents

1 Training Church Officers

2 Practicing the Mission of the Church: Apostolicity in Action

3 Positive Leadership: Leading Like Jesus (Not Rehoboam)

4 Continuing in Prayer

5 Elders and Deacons as Hospitality Leaders

6 Ministering to the Sick and Dying

7 The Office Bearer and Household Management

8 Classical Christian Catechesis

9 Managing the Offerings of God’s People

10 Getting Acquainted with the Congregation’s Needs

11 Avoiding Burnout

12 Tending the Shepherd (1): Honorable Provision

13 Tending the Shepherd (2): Sabbaths and Sabbaticals

14 How to Evaluate Your Pastor

15 How to Be a Clerk

16 Navigating the Broader Assemblies: Serving at Classis and Synod

17 How to Serve on a Pastoral Search Committee

18 What Every Elder Needs to Know about Congregational Singing

19 Encouraging Lay Witnessing

20 Promoting the Work of Missions

Appendix A: A Sample Pastoral Review

Appendix B: The Role of Guest Sponsors in Our Churches

Appendix C: Study Questions

Appendix D: About the Editors and Contributors



Michael Horton

Beyond the bare bones of Reformed polity, this book covers a host of church servanthood issues that are especially relevant today. I highly recommend this book especially for current and future office holders.

J.V. Fesko

There are very few resources for pastors and elders that give sage biblical yet practical counsel for their vital work. Faithful and Fruitful is a welcome contribution that provides insightful and practical guidance for pastors and elders. Every pastor, elder, consistory, session, and church should own and read a copy of this book.

Joel Beeke

This collection of articles presents armloads of biblical and practical wisdom so that faithful men can serve the church well as office bearers.

Jon D. Payne

Elders and deacons are called to love and shepherd the church … for which Christ shed his very own blood. This collection of unique, timely, and practical essays will be profoundly beneficial for sessions and diaconates who are serious about cultivating spiritually healthy and growing congregations.

Cornelis Van Dam

This fine collection of essays on a wonderfully wide variety of topics will help equip and stimulate elders and deacons in their high calling, and pastors will benefit as well.

Conrad Mbewe

I have found the essays in this book on church leadership to be a wholesome menu rich in historical and practical application, while remaining grounded in Scripture.

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Reformed Fellowship, 2019 | 289 pages

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