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EP Books, 2019 | 324 pages

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About the Author:

Sharon James studied history at Cambridge University, theology at Toronto Baptist Seminary, and has a doctorate from the University of Wales. She helped establish the Women’s Ministry Team for the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), and led the Women’s Ministry Team at Emmanuel Church, Leamington Spa for many years. Sharon has spoken on biblical womanhood to women in many different countries and cultural contexts. She is Social Policy Analyst for The Christian Institute.



Genevieve T Jennings, Pastoral Worker, Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge:

My heart sang as I read this book: I found myself wanting to read more and more of it! It brings a much-needed, compassionate but uncompromising focus to what is a vital topic in these troubled times. Sharon James’ handling of the material is intelligent, honest and winsome: the breadth of her research builds upon biblical integrity and invites women into a Christ-centric freedom. She avoids the pitfalls of gender-stereotyping and also holds out the gospel to those who have been wounded in this fallen world. In highlighting all that God intends women to be, her close attention to the biblical text allows for neither smugness nor the need to apologise to society at large, which is both refreshing and liberating. I would whole-heartedly recommend this book for women everywhere who want to confidently walk with Jesus in their God-given identity.

Ben Virgo, Christian Heritage London:

With a historical scope that encompasses the classical era up to the #MeToo movement, Sharon James has mined the Scripture that has proclaimed Christ in every generation and found harmony and beauty in truth. This is a rare, wise and essential text to be read by men and women.

Julia Jones, Director of Women’s courses at London Seminary, and missionary support worker with Grace Baptist Mission:

A timely re-write, taking us from Creation, through history, to the perplexing times we inhabit now. Sharon helpfully traces the feminist movement showing how thinking has changed so rapidly and fundamentally, leading to a rejection of biblical truth where Christians are now viewed as hateful and intolerant. Our challenge is to ‘have confidence to live out, and tell out, what God says about sexuality, and about how to live a truly happy and fulfilled life’. This book will equip women of all ages to do so, and will also give confidence to Christian men to live out their God-given calling, in right relationship to women.

Elinor Magowan, FIEC Women’s Ministry Coordinator and Pastor’s wife, Carey Baptist Church, Reading:

How are women to navigate the challenges of society, community, church, singleness, marriage and motherhood, in a positive and Biblical way? Sharon provides careful, comprehensive answers which inspire action; she doesn’t dodge the hard questions and is able to critique masterfully how we arrived where we are in the 21st century. Her historical and current examples show what women living out God’s design have contributed to society and the church in the UK and overseas. This book is eminently readable but not lightweight. It will leave you with questions to ponder that will impact the day to day as well as the bigger life decisions you make. Sharon is committed to women in ministry from a complementarian perspective and, refreshingly, wants to see that worked through well in church life. This book will inspire you to fulfil the God given design for women, individually and collectively; to remove the idols of our time and to shine like stars in this generation which so needs women of all ages and backgrounds to live, work and serve courageously, compassionately and sacrificially to the praise and glory of our Saviour. This book is much needed and shouldn’t sit on your shelf, but be read, discussed and applied.

Paul Mallard, Pastor, Widecombe Baptist Church Bath:

Sharon James has given us a biblically faithful and pastorally sensitive affirmation of God’s clear design for women. In this updated version she engages with many of the contemporary debates. At a time of great confusion, she helps us to think in a positive and balanced way about this vital subject. This book is highly recommended.

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EP Books, 2019 | 324 pages

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