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Shepherd Press, 2021 | 64 pages

A Brief Book Notice from Books At a Glance

by Fred G. Zaspel


Shepherd Press is pleased to announce the addition of Help! I’ve Been Diagnosed with a Mental Disorder to its growing collection of LifeLine Mini-books. Written by author Christine Chappell and produced under the editorial direction of Dr. Paul Tautges, this new resource offers stabilizing biblical truths to those who have been recently labeled with a psychiatric disorder. Through empathetic and approachable language, this mini-book explores common questions, fears, and doubts that sufferers may face as they consider what life will look like for them post-diagnosis.

In sharing her own story of being previously labeled with a mental disorder, Chappell quickly connects with readers who are walking a similar path and invites them to embrace a redemptive perspective on the experiences they’re going through. While this mini-book is only 10,000 words in length, it manages to address key foundational truths about personhood, purpose in life, and potential for God-glorifying progress on a post-diagnosis journey. By doing so, the reader is continuously invited to remember that in Christ, their truest identity is one of a child of God and that such a relationship offers realistic hope and meaningful help in the problematic moments they’re going through.

This mini-book is designed to serve as a helpful starting point for biblical one-another care and intensive discipleship conversations. While much of what is shared by Chappell is relevant to Christians experiencing affliction in general, what makes this resource unique is its application of familiar biblical principles to the specific context of being labeled with a mental disorder. In particular, the mini-book briefly explores topics such as:

  • the importance of whole-person care.
  • the limitations of psychology.
  • truths about Christian identity.
  • God’s promises to his children.
  • clarity for goal setting.
  • the dangers of a “fix it” mentality.
  • recognizing relief idolatry.
  • engaging God in everyday experiences.
  • practical planning for progress.

Those who serve in leadership, discipleship, or counseling roles in the local church will find this mini-book helpful in providing a digestible amount of gospel encouragement to someone who is grappling with what a disorder diagnosis does—and doesn’t—mean for their future. As one Amazon reviewer writes, “The length is approachable for one who likely is living in the midst of overwhelming circumstances. Yet, there are plenty of pointers in the booklet to Scripture and other very helpful resources that give the reader avenues to explore more.”

Endorsed by key biblical counseling leaders, Help! I’ve Been Diagnosed with a Mental Disorder expands the limited number of titles produced by the biblical counseling movement specific to this topic. Pastor, author, and biblical counselor Scott Mehl writes, “Filled with hope, dripping with wisdom, and infused with compassion, this mini-book brings clarity to one of the most confusing and frightening moments in so many lives…This is now my go-to resource when someone in my church is diagnosed with a mental disorder.”

“As we think about holistic post-diagnosis care in this mini-book,” Chappell explains, “my ultimate goal is to invite readers to come to Christ’s counseling table. I do this because—in contrast with psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual—the Bible is the only ‘reference book’ that will tell them about their whole selves while offering them the promise of wholeness at the very same time. My prayer is that the Lord would use this resource as a primer for future Christ-centered counseling conversations—ones that patiently help the reader connect the terrible truths of their lived experiences with the wonderful facts of gospel realities.”

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Shepherd Press, 2021 | 64 pages

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