Book Notice: IN THE BEGINNING GOD, by Homer C. Hoeksema

Published on October 20, 2021 by Eugene Ho

Reformed Free Publishing Association, 2015 | 144 pages

A Brief Book Notice from Books At a Glance

by Fred G. Zaspel


Some debates never go away, and certainly, the question of creation vs. evolution is one. This was a major area of study for me 40 years ago, and now again recently I’ve had occasion to plunge into it again. Hoeksema’s In the Beginning God is now 55 years old, but I find it a refreshing read both in his handling of the essential questions involved and in his utter devotion to the trustworthiness of Scripture.

In the Beginning God consists of three chapters (originally lectures). Chapter one treats the historic Christian doctrine of inspiration. Hoeksema expounds the biblical teaching insightfully and highlights its prominent place in Christian theology.

Chapter two addresses creation vs. evolution under the title, “The Creation Record: Literal or Not Literal?” Hoeksema argues at length that a plain, obvious reading of Genesis excludes any evolutionary theory. Here is his helpful definition of creation:

What is creation? Creation is the act of the almighty will of God whereby through his word and by his Spirit he gave to the entire universe, and to all the individual creatures of that universe, (things as they eternally exist in God’s eternal counsel) existence in distinction from himself and his own being.

Chapter three takes on the broader question of Genesis and science, and he is keen to point out that the question here is not – and should not be – Genesis versus science or science versus evolution. He is convinced that “general revelation” will always coincide with biblical revelation.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Divine Foundation—the Infallible Scriptures

The Truth That the Scriptures Are Inspired and Infallible
Graphic, Plenary, and Verbal Inspiration
Organic Inspiration
The Infallible Scriptures
Scriptural Proof
The Belgic Confession
The Divine Foundation
Attacks on the Foundation
Our Calling to Guard the Foundation

Chapter 2 – The Creation Record—Literal or Not Literal?

The Issue: Creation versus Evolution
In What Sense Is Evolutionism the Issue?
The Literal or Nonliteral Issue
An Exegetical Question
The Nonliteral and Literal Views
The Proper Scriptural Interpretation

Chapter 3 – Genesis and Science

What Is Science?
The Scientist and Revelation
The Evolutionist and God’s Book of Creation
The Science of the Theistic Evolutionist
The Proper Approach of Faith
Alleged Scientific Evidences
A Brief Critique of This Alleged Proof
Positive Suggestions toward a Proper Christian View

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IN THE BEGINNING GOD, by Homer C. Hoeksema

Reformed Free Publishing Association, 2015 | 144 pages

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