Book Notice: JUST WORDS?, by Paul Helm

Published on May 3, 2019 by Joshua R Monroe

EP Books, 2019 | 114 pages

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This book by Paul Helm helps us understand a foundational part of Christian doctrine: Revelation. The book is unashamedly and delightfully doctrinal in nature. ‘Doctrine’ is the body of truths that are affirmed by Christians as comprising the fundamental truths of the Faith. We need to be aware of the framework of doctrine because we always hold an assumed set of doctrines as the lens through which we view life and through which we read Scripture. Basic assumptions about God, Church, sin and salvation inform our understanding of the Bible and are hopefully renewed, challenged and revised as we read and re-read the Bible.


About the Author

Paul Helm spent many years teaching philosophy at the University of Liverpool, then at King s College, London, where he was Professor of the History and Philosophy of Religion, 1993-2000. Among a number of books he is the author of The Beginnings, (1986) The Callings,(1987) and The Last Things, (1989) (Banner of Truth), and The Providence of God (IVP 1993).


From Paul Helm’s Blog on the Book

In this short book we are to consider one important aspect of the ordinariness with which God visits us. God has done things for us and he says things to us.  Some of the things he does are to attract attention. But not like Presidents may command our attention, by their residence or their motorcade or the eloquence of their speech or the might of their army or the size of their entourage. In making himself known, God does not lose anything of his glory, but in what he does his glory shows through in surprising ways. And when all his redemptive work is done his glory will be manifest to all. Christ will come in great glory, and all his angels with him.

We learn that in God’s dealings with the human race, matter and manner are intertwined, vitally connected. In this study we are considering God’s book, what we call The Holy Bible. It is a book made up of other books, spanning hundreds of years. This shelf of books itself has a character that is at one with God’s coming down. For what God says in his book and how he says it are seamlessly woven together. The Bible tracks what has happened in human history when God came down.


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Just Words?

EP Books, 2019 | 114 pages

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