Book Notice: LOGOS – A HANDBOOK ON THE PSALMS, by Robert G. Bratcher and William D. Reyburn

Published on December 10, 2018 by Joshua R Monroe

United Bible Societies, 1993 | 1219 pages

A Brief Book Notice from Books At a Glance

By Fred Zaspel


If you preach from the Psalms, this is perhaps the best $15.00 you could spend for a close understanding of the biblical text. The print version is $50.00 and would easily be worth that too, but not when you can get it for $15.00 from Logos. Brief, to-the-point comments that guide the reader carefully through each psalm.

This book was intended first for translators, and it achieves that goal very well. But it is an enormously helpful aid for interpreters also, with its careful precision in bringing out the meaning of each line.

When preparing to preach, the first step must be to gain a precise understanding of the text. Exegesis first. That’s the value of this Handbook, accomplished with remarkable brevity. Highly recommended. And for $15.00, it’s a no-brainer. If you’re preaching from the Psalms, it’s “must have.”


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A Handbook on Psalms

United Bible Societies, 1993 | 1219 pages

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