Book Notice: RIGHT WITH GOD, by Michael Reeves

Published on November 15, 2022 by Eugene Ho

Union Publishing, 2022 | 64 pages

A Brief Book Notice from Books At a Glance

by Fred G. Zaspel


What a wonderful little gospel-saturated book this is! Winsome, easily accessible, deeply informed, and eminently suitable reading for believer and unbeliever alike.

Please buy them by the box and distribute them generously … in your church and to your friends and neighbors!



  1. “God does not love people because they have sorted themselves out: he loves failures, and that love makes them flourish.”
  2. “God’s righteousness is something he shares with us as a gift. Acceptance before God, forgiveness, and peace with him can be received with simple faith or trust. We don’t work our way into God’s good graces.”
  3. “All believers in [Christ]—who are members of his body—share that life-giving justification he received on Easter morning. Thus, in him we are given new life, and we become the very righteousness of God.”
  4. “We try to dress ourselves before God in the fig leaves of our own righteousness, but he clothes us kindly and properly with the righteousness of Christ. So we come before our Father clothed in Christ.”
  5. “But Christians don’t imagine Jesus somehow floating his righteousness to us through space and time. We are clothed in his righteousness because we really are in him.”
  6. “My current sin can and will hamper my enjoyment of the Christian life, but it can never alter my identity in him.”
  7. “Christ, our great Bridegroom, has taken all our sin, death, and judgment, borne it on the cross, and drowned it in his blood. He has then given to us all his righteousness, blessedness, and beloved status before his Father.”
  8. “For all the sin that remains in our hearts and lives, we who trust Christ cannot be condemned without Christ being condemned with us. All his is ours.”
  9. “Believers come to Christ to receive him—not, first and foremost, to get heaven, righteousness, life, or any other blessing, but to get Christ, in whom all those other blessings are then found.”
  10. “Without understanding justification, we would assume God was all sternness, one who simply approves those who have already sorted themselves out. Such a God might be right to be like that, but he would hardly win our hearts.”



Sinclair Ferguson:
“Lurking beneath the stresses and anxieties of modern life lie the age-old questions ‘Am I good enough?’ and ‘Have I done enough?’ They haunt some, drive others, and exhaust many into indifference or despair. In these pages – as readable as they are reliable – Michael Reeves exposes both the roots of our problem and the bankruptcy of our own answers to it. But then, simply and engagingly, he points us to the life-transforming resolution that is offered to us in the Christian gospel. Right with God is a short book with an eternity-long message.”


Joel Beeke:
“A small key can open a massive door that leads to freedom. This small treatise by Dr. Reeves, a very able writer, holds the key of God’s promise to justify the ungodly as a free gift through faith in Christ alone. May God use it to bring many into spiritual freedom. Buy copies of this easy-to-read, highly recommended book and pass them on to the unsaved, to the saved who are struggling for assurance, and to established believers to shore up their convictions.”

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RIGHT WITH GOD, by Michael Reeves

Union Publishing, 2022 | 64 pages

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