Book Notice: SWORDS AND PLOWSHARES: AMERICAN EVANGELICALS ON WAR, 1937-1973, by Timothy D. Padgett

Published on January 9, 2019 by Joshua R Monroe

Lexham Press, 2018 | 440 pages

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What did American evangelical writers have to say about World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and American foreign policy? Probably not what you think. In fact, you will probably be quite surprised.

In this new landmark book, Timothy Padgett presents evangelicals in their own words. And in so doing he complicates our common perceptions of evangelical attitudes towards war and peace. Evangelical leaders regularly wrote about the temporal and eternal implications of war from World War II to the Vietnam War. Padgett allows us to see firsthand how these evangelicals actually spoke about war and love of country.

For the history of American evangelical thought and for the study of Christian attitudes toward war this book is a must.

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Swords and Plowshares: American Evangelicals on War, 1937-1973

Lexham Press, 2018 | 440 pages

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