Book Notice: THE ATONEMENT: AN INTRODUCTION, by Jeremy Treat

Published on July 19, 2023 by Eugene Ho

Crossway, 2023 | 192 pages

A Brief Book Notice from Books At a Glance

by Fred G. Zaspel


I am a big fan of any effort to bring good theology to the lay level in bite-size pieces. Such attempts can sacrifice depth and quality in the attempt, but no one will level that criticism against Crossway’s Short Studies in Systematic Theology series. Editors Graham Cole and Oren Martin have set a solid agenda and selected well-informed and engaging writers for each volume in this wonderful series of smaller-sized books. 

This latest from Jeremy Treat, The Atonement: An Introduction, is just superb. He recognizes the multi-dimensional accomplishments of our Lord’s death, but he also understands the central role of substitution. And reminiscent of his earlier work, The Crucified King, the note of success and triumph rings throughout – a joyful tone often lacking. 

Robustly informed. Engaging and accessible. Delightful reading for pastor and layman alike. Very highly recommended. 


Table of Contents

  • Introduction: The Foolishness of the Gospel  
  • 1 The Story of Atonement: From a Garden to a Kingdom  
  • 2 The Heart of Atonement: The Great Exchange  
  • 3 The Achievements of Atonement: A Multidimensional Work  
  • 4 The Coherence of Atonement: An Integrated Achievement 
  • 5 The Community of Atonement: Reconciled and Reconciling
  • 6 The Life of Atonement: Taking Up Your Cross 
  • Conclusion



D.A. Carson
“Jeremy Treat reminds us of what every thoughtful Christian should know about the atonement while calling us to understand the cross, to worship, and to pick up our cross and follow the Master.”


Andrew Wilson
“This is a master class in short, clear, and accessible systematic theology. Jeremy Treat shows us why we need to see the atonement from numerous angles to fully grasp its beauty―and then he shows us how, with a clear exposition that maintains both coherence and practical application. A superb introduction.”

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Crossway, 2023 | 192 pages

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