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unknown, 2014 | 160 pages

A Brief Book Notice from Books At a Glance

By Fred Zaspel


I recently had occasion to read this book again, and I was reminded what a helpful book this is for any Christian who might feel threatened by the arguments of atheists or agnostics – whose claim to possess the “evidence” is way overblown.

My friend Craig Biehl is steeped in Van Til, but (unlike Van Til) he is accessible to all levels of readers. Junior high schooler and up will actually enjoy the conversations “Mr. C.” has with his neighbor, “Mr. A,” as well as Biehl’s running commentary. It’s very well informed, enlightening, and as easy to read as it gets. I can’t think of an easier place to begin thinking like a presuppositionalist – read this book, and you’ll be well on your way.

The “new atheists” may be triumphalistic, but that doesn’t mean they have the goods. I strongly recommend that you let Biehl (and Mr. C.) explain.



Fred Zaspel

This is a wonderful help. Its reasoning is tight, but it is ‘popular’ enough to be helpful for virtually anyone. Really a nice work.

John Frame

This is a great book to share with a non-Christian inquirer. Written as a dialogue between a Christian and an atheist, it is enjoyable to read, and its presuppositional argument for the truth of Christianity is cogent. I hope it gets a broad circulation.

William Edgar

A solid defense of biblical Christianity against the claims of atheism and a practical and orthodox response to the challenges of the vocal advocates of unbelief in our times.

James White

Craig Biehl’s The Box is a useful and beneficial introduction to doing consistent, biblical, God-glorifying apologetics by responding to those who reason from a naturalistic or humanistic worldview. In a day when the Christian faith is under fire from all sides, such a resource is most welcome and needed.

Bob Deffinbaugh

Craig Biehl is a scholar, but one who speaks in plain language in defense of the authority and reliability of the Bible and its teachings. The Box debunks denials of biblical truth by exposing the flawed assumptions which underlie them, boosting our trust of Scripture and providing us with useful tools to defend our faith against scholarly attacks.

Doug Sweeney

Atheists and their less dogmatic cousins, agnostics, are making a comeback today, at least in Europe and North America. In some places, moreover, they are given the moral high ground and assumed to be chic. But as Craig Biehl has shown, they are undermining any and all standards of morality, and even rationality. Now more than ever, Christians need to understand this and encourage one another to stay fixed upon Christ. Read this book and rest assured that, in the words of the old hymn, ‘all other ground is sinking sand.’

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The Box: Answering The Faith Of Unbelief

unknown, 2014 | 160 pages

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