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Published on November 8, 2019 by Benjamin J. Montoya

The Good Book Company, 2019 | 63 pages

Book Sale at WTS Books


Nothing beats the feeling of giving, or receiving, the perfect gift.

The most meaningful gifts we receive make us feel known, loved and valued. And when we give a gift like that, it’s like we’re putting ourselves in our present. And at Christmas, that’s exactly what God did.

This light-hearted and lively book explores how our gift-giving traditions show us a glimpse of a giving God. Evangelist Glen Scrivener helps readers to celebrate the gift of life in a world brimming with beauty, before taking us to John 3:16 to unwrap the Christmas gift that can give us what we’ve always wanted, and what we really need.






About the Author:

Glen Scrivener directs the evangelistic charity Speak Life. He is an ordained Anglican who writes, speaks, and makes media to equip the church and reach beyond it. He is married to Emma and is the author of 7 books, including 321, Long Story Short and The Gift.



“In this crisp, clear and brightly written introduction to Christianity, Glen shows how we are made to receive gifts and why that turns out to be wonderful news when we encounter the Giver.”

Andrew Wilson

Teaching Pastor, King’s Church London; Author, ‘The Life We Never Expected’ and ‘Spirit and Sacrament’

“Glen Scrivener has written a fascinating and compelling guide to the Gift behind our Christmas gifts. It was refreshing for me as a long-time Christian but will also be one of the first things I give to someone who might want to think about this for the very first time.”

Sam Allberry

Speaker and author

“Whatever your current beliefs, don’t miss this book! It could be just the coffee shot you need to rethink reality.”

Rebecca McLaughlin

Author, Confronting Christianity

“The gospel is wrapped up in Glen’s humble and winsome words. He shows us how our give-and-take Christmas traditions can point us to the gracious Giver. This is worth sharing with family and friends”

Quina Aragon

Author, ‘Love Made: A Story of God’s Overflowing, Creative Heart’

“Reading ‘The Gift’ really did affect my facial expressions! There was a wry smile as the Author seemed to have been tracking my Christmases down the years. How did he know? Then there was a shake of the head as the core problem of the bad bits was diagnosed and laid bare, as well as an intake of breath as I saw that Christmas really did give me what I’d always wanted. It’s a thrilling, deeply perceptive book, I thoroughly recommend it.”

Rico Tice

Co-founder, Christianity Explored Ministries

“Accessible, encouraging and inspiring. This powerful book is a must-read for anyone exploring the real meaning of Christmas.”

Gavin Calver

Director of Mission, Evangelical Alliance

“Christmas is a fantastic time to point people to Jesus, God’s greatest gift. In this easy-to-give-away book Glen uses his gifts as a wordsmith and communicator to do just that.”

Roy Crowne

Executive Director, HOPE

“The Gift is a wonderful reflection on the act of giving presents. It starts with experiences we all share and uses these to explore what it means to be human, what it means to love and be loved, what it means to connect with the self-giving Love at the heart of reality, with God. It all adds up to a delightful book to read and a great present to give.”

Tim Chester

Pastor, Grace Church Boroughbridge; Faculty Member of Crosslands Training


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The Good Book Company, 2019 | 63 pages

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