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Crossway, 2015 | 400 pages

Few families have left their mark on theological studies as has the Feinberg family – father Charles and sons Paul and John – and this collection of essays in honor of John Feinberg (PhD, University of Chicago), long time professor of theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, is a fitting tribute to his many years of faithful scholarly work. Editors Gregg Allison and Stephen Wellum are both former students of Feinberg’s, and the other contributors are John’s friends, colleagues, former students, and/or contributors to the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series (which John edits) from Crossway.


From the Introduction

By Gregg Allison and Steve Wellum

Throughout his teaching career, John has established himself as a bril­liant thinker, a prodigious scholar and author, an impassioned apologist for the faith, a demanding and fair instructor, a champion of clear and rational thinking, a giving friend, and a supportive mentor. John is well known in the classroom for his preparation and attention to detail, his careful analysis and critique of theological and philosophical positions and ideas, and his desire to see his students grow in the knowledge of Scripture and theological thinking. The same may also be found in all of his writing projects—detailed analysis, precision, and incisive biblical and theological exposition and critique….

John is well known for his many books, including Ethics for a Brave New World, coauthored with his brother Paul (Crossway, 1993; 2nd ed., rev. and expanded, 2010) [see our review here]; The Many Faces of Evil: Theological Systems and the Problems of Evil (Zondervan, 1994; rev. and expanded, Cross­way, 2004); Deceived by God? A Journey through Suffering (Crossway, 1997); his monumental No One Like Him: The Doctrine of God, part of the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series (Crossway, 2001); Where Is God? A Personal Story of Finding God in Grief and Suffering (B&H, 2004); and Can You Believe It’s True? Christian Apologetics in a Modern and Postmodern Era (Crossway, 2013) [see our Summary here].


This book consists of three sections that are organized around the metaphor of building.

Section 1:  “Designing the Architecture of Evangelical Theology”  

  • Kevin Vanhoozer on theological method
  • Walter Kaiser, Jr., on hermeneutics
  • Robert Saucy on continuity between the Testaments
  • Thom Provenzola on philosophy
  • Gary Habermas on apologetics

Section 2:  “Setting the Foundations of Evangelical Theology”

  • Bruce Ware on theology proper
  • Keith Yandell on Trinitarianism
  • John Morrison on bibliology
  • Thomas McCall on the problem of evil
  • Stephen Wellum on Christology
  • Gregg Allison on ecclesiology and pneumatology
  • Willem VanGemeren on Psalms 146-150 and God’s faithfulness and human suffering

Section 3:  “Erecting the Superstructure of Evangelical Theology

  • John Kilner on bioethics
  • Graham Cole on Christian Living
  • Harold Netland on globalization and mission in the midst of a rising religious pluralism
  • Bruce Fields on Womanist theology

An excellent collection of essays and a worthy tribute to a faithful scholar who continues to make impact for Christ. 

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Building On The Foundations Of Evangelical Theology: Essays In Honor Of John S. Feinberg

Crossway, 2015 | 400 pages

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