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Published on July 17, 2019 by Benjamin J. Montoya

Check Out our Book Summaries!


“Executive summaries” have a long and proven value in the business world, and we at Books At a Glance are excited to bring the same to Christian readers.

In our Book Summaries we “crunch” a book into 7-10 pages, condensing the argument(s) of each chapter into a paragraph or two. These are designed to help you keep up to date and informed regarding new and significant publications. They will help you determine which books you want to buy for further investigation, and they will quickly and easily keep you up to date on an ever-growing number of important books.

Our Books At a Glance members receive a Book Summary every week – often around sixty per year – and they find themselves learning and keeping up with publications more easily than they ever thought possible.

If you haven’t tried our service yet, check out our free, one-month trial membership with no obligation. Give us a try, and see what you’re missing!

Thanks for checking us out!


Jim Zaspel
Business Manager, Books At a Glance

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