Published on December 14, 2016 by Joshua R Monroe

Banner of Truth, 2015 | 216 pages

What an enjoyable read this is!  Here’s my endorsement:  

The Child in the Manger: The True Meaning of Christmas is full of thoughtful exposition, solid theology, winsome gospel presentation, and worshipful adoration of its glorious Subject. Sinclair Ferguson just may be my very favorite pastor-theologian, and this book illustrates why. A sheer delight to read and to recommend. Read and enjoy the Christmas story as for the first time!

Fred G. Zaspel


Table of Contents

  1. A Question, a Parable, and a Family Tree
  2. Word Made Flesh
  3. The Inside Story
  4. Immanuel
  5. Bad News – Good News (Immanuel Part Two)
  6. The Burden
  7. Naming the Baby
  8. The First Nowell
  9. The Long Journey
  10. Post-Christmas Stress Syndrome


What is Christmas? Why all the hustle and bustle? Does Christmas actually have meaning? Dr. Ferguson writes:

Child in the Manger – The True Meaning of Christmas sets out to explore that question. When we find the answer we realize that it isn’t only for Christmas time. So these pages are an invitation to explore what that meaning is. And if this book has come into your hands around Christmas time, I pray that it will help you to enjoy it in a new way.


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Child in the Manger: The True Meaning of Christmas

Banner of Truth, 2015 | 216 pages

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