Concise Theology – Theological Essays at TGC, edited by Fred G. Zaspel

Published on October 5, 2020 by Benjamin J. Montoya

New Systematic Theology Resource at TGC

By Fred G. Zaspel


In 2018, I proposed and then began editing a project for TGC under the general oversight of Don Carson called Concise Theology . The idea was to produce a series of well-informed yet popularly accessible, brief essays (target 1,500 to 2,500 words each) that collectively cover the breadth of Systematic Theology. My job was to match authors to topics, contact and recruit them for the work, and then edit as needed. The goal was to have a reliable theological resource freely available online worldwide for Christian readers.

We are very pleased with the result – around 250 essays all told – and these, in turn, are being translated into six other languages to be posted on TGC sister sites around the globe. Phil Thompson at TGC has been busy posting these on the TGC site, and you can read his introduction to the project here.

It is a happy occasion to see this project come to fruition (only a handful of contracted essays failed to materialize), and we are excited as we consider the potential help it provides to believers worldwide.

FYI, at the same time I launched a parallel project called Concise Biblical Commentary – a series of “concise,” accessible commentaries on each book of the Bible. This project is also well under way, and recently I handed it off to others to complete. Be sure to watch for it – another very helpful resource rich with potential for Christian readers globally.

TGC had to raise a lot of money to fund these projects, and I’m grateful for Don Carson’s vision for this added dimension of TGC’s ministry and for the many who shared that vision and donated generously to make it happen. It was also a pleasure working with all the willing authors and reading their works. We hope and pray God will use these resources well for the building of his church.

If you’d care to take a look, below are the essays I contributed to the Concise Theology project.


Please spread the word so others can profit from this project!

Fred Zaspel

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