Dr. David Peterson Answers Your Questions: Have you interacted with Peter Gentry’s work much?

Published on September 28, 2016 by Joshua Centanni

IVP, 2001 | 191 pages

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Q&A With Dr. Peterson

Last week Dr. David Peterson, author of Possessed by God, offered to answers your questions on the doctrine of sanctification and related issues. This week we’re posting his answers to your questions.


Lindsay K. writes,

My question for David Peterson is whether he has engaged with Peter Gentry’s work on holiness in the OT? He argues that holiness is not about being “set apart” (a mistranslation of the Hebrew) but rather about consecration and dedication. Being set apart follows, but it is not primarily the meaning. Has David Peterson engaged with this idea and what are his thoughts about it?

Dr. Peterson answers,

Lindsay, I have not had the opportunity to engage with Peter Gentry’s work, but I agree that consecration is essential to the notion of holiness in the Bible. The noun ‘holy’ denotes a person, place, object, or time dedicated to God, and God is regularly presented as the source of holiness. Separation from what is common or profane is a necessary consequence of consecration to God and his service. God is intrinsically holy and makes it possible for his people to be holy.

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IVP, 2001 | 191 pages

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