DVD Sale at WTS Books: LUKE’S DISPATCHES, EPISODES 1-3 (DVD SET), by Tim Keesee

Published on November 19, 2019 by Benjamin J. Montoya

Frontline Missions International, 2019 | 3 pages

DVD Sale at WTS Books


Dispatches from the Front goes to the Middle East, where Luke wrote of Gospel advance in the first century—stories which continue to unfold in our day. Each episode opens in the book of Acts and then fast-forwards to tell of God’s work in the same regions today in order to underscore that what Jesus began, He continues, and He will complete! His Kingdom spans not only continents but also centuries, and the Gospel that was powerful in Luke’s day is still at work in our day! In this package are the first three episodes of the six-episode Luke’s Dispatches series.


About the Author:

Tim Keesee is the founder and executive director of Frontline Missions International, which has served to advance the gospel in some of the world’s most difficult places for over twenty-five years. He has traveled to more than eighty countries, reporting on the church from the former Iron Curtain countries to war-torn Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Keesee is the executive producer of the DVD documentary series Dispatches from the Front. Learn more at frontlinemissions.info.



“Dispatches from the Front is a thoughtful, moving, understated, and ultimately convicting series of videos depicting the work of the gospel in some of the most challenging corners of the world. Here are brothers and sisters in Christ who in Gods grace display faithfulness and transcendent joy, unflagging zeal to share the gospel, and an unfettered allegiance to King Jesus. To watch the kingdom advance in the teeth of these challenges is to learn humility and rekindle contrition, faith, and intercessory prayer.”

D. A. Carson

research professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“This series of presentations gives us a non–hyped view of amazing faithfulnesses—amazing faithfulness of cross–cultural Christian workers, of pastors and, most of all, of God. They are exciting, humbling, faith-building, and prayer–encouraging.”

Mark Dever

Capitol Hill Baptist Church

“These videos have been quite powerful for the cause of world missions. I would greatly encourage you to get your hands on them if you seek to instill a culture of evangelism and mission in your family or church. They are very well done and give you a great on the ground’ view of how different people are seeking to take the Gospel to places where there is currently no access to it.”

Zach Nielsen

Pastor, The Vine Church, Madison, WI

“Paul tells us that the gospel comes to people (Colossians 1:5-6). The gospel, in a manner of speaking, searches people groups out in every corner of the world, and when it comes to them, it wonderfully bears fruit and grows among them (v. 6). Dispatches from the Front provides us with an inside look at the gospel doing its life-changing work in the forgotten places of the world. If you want to expand your vision of what God is doing in the world through the gospel, Dispatches from the Front will serve you, your family, and your church family extremely well.”

Dan Cruver

Director, Together for Adoption

“Frontline Missions is perhaps too modestly named. Its ministry often reaches behind the frontlines to those areas and peoples that are in greatest need of hearing the soul-saving gospel of Christ and receiving the compassionate assistance of God’s people. These ministries aren’t carried on in hit and run fashion. Care is taken to train Christian leaders and to raise up and nourish responsible churches that will carry the work forward into the otherwise uncertain future of unreached and unbelieving peoples all around the world.”

Dr. David J. Hesselgrave

Emeritus Professor of Missions, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, co-founder and past president, The Evangelical Missiological Society

“From the teeming humanity of cities like Bangkok to the remotest outposts of civilization, Dispatches takes us on an eye-opening journey through the world of the weak and despised of South East Asia: women and children enslaved in the sex trade, AIDS victims on the brink of eternity, hungry street children, and lepers. Yet in the midst of this overwhelming despair, we meet people like Esther doing her happy work of service to the Lord, and many others like her who have become living testimonies of the freedom Christ alone offers. Your faith will be strengthened as you listen to these stories of everlasting hope in the face of the very shadow of death.”

Ellen Weaver

Senior Advisor to U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, Washington, DC

“Dispatches is like watching a reality television show. You feel like you are there, and you sense the emotions and crises of the people you meet on the screen; but it is not entertainment. It opens the vistas of spiritual reality, and after it is over you can’t just turn it off and walk away. You have to pray and say, Lord, what would you have me do?”

Mark Vowels

Director of Missions, Bob Jones University

“Dispatches shows the Church forming organically and supernaturally like a modern-day book of Actsand the form of the video mirrors this. It is travelogue-ish: a meditative, reflective journey. It goes beyond the pragmatic and pedestrian use of video to create something more like a parable which invites the viewer in and creates space for God the Holy Spirit to work.”

Jeff Arthurs

Professor of Preaching, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“Dispatches is saturated with the brilliance of the Gospel. It is a travelogue of the soul-transforming power of life of Jesus Christ. Thank you for such a vivid narrative of how the righteousness of Christ is the only answer to the desperate need of mankind. The emphasis on the reliance of God’s Word and the work of the Holy Spirit fills this presentation and will impact all who see it. It will zealously challenge the hearts of Christ’s followers and direct the seeker to the One who is Truth. Praise God!”

Rick Cross

Senior Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Longmont, CO

“Dispatches offers a potent reminder that in the darkest places, the gospel shines brightest. It should come with a warning label. Danger: Graphic scenes of mission reality that will disrupt your comfort and ignite your heart for God’s work on the frontlines. Pray, watch and act!”

Dave Harvey

Sovereign Grace Ministries, Church Planting & Missiology

“Are you afraid to open your eyes and see death and destruction in the world? Dispatches from the Front will open your eyes to the great needs of the lost, enflame your heart to go to the nations, and give you the courage to carry on the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God. This is a bold call to action.”

Burk Parsons

pastor, author, and editor of Tabletalk magazine

“Who knows what might happen if churches and small groups and families were to watch these videos together, open to God’s leading for going and sending? It is a risk to watch them. But the motivation is Gospel grace, not guilt. I cannot recommend too highly these DVDs.”

Justin Taylor

Between Two Worlds

“Dispatches from the Front is a fascinating look at how the gospel is penetrating some of the world’s neediest places. These are regions where all the worst agonies of human life are multiplied and magnified relentlessly by war, extreme poverty, sex trafficking, drug dealing, false religion, and disease. . . . But your spirit will be encouraged by the triumphant power of Christ.”

Phil Johnson

Executive Director, Grace to You

“Beware of watching these Dispatches if you don’t like being moved and inspired and shaken out of the ruts of your life. My wife and I were riveted in watching the frontline reports of God’s work recorded in the Dispatches from the Front. This is the sort of information that builds faith in the present providence of God over his mission, and stirs up action for the sake of lost and hurting people near and far. I would love to see thousands of people mobilized as senders and goers for the sake of the glory of Christ and the relief of suffering on the frontiers, especially eternal suffering.”

John Piper

author of Desiring God; Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Bethlehem Baptist Church, MN

“Dispatches from the Front is a series of DVDs that I absolutely loveThey sent me a preview DVD and I’ve already watched it twice!”

Tim Challies

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Frontline Missions International, 2019 | 3 pages

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