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Published on July 2, 2015 by Todd Scacewater

Retaining your Greek after seminary is hard. Family, career, and life fill your schedule and working on Greek paradigms and vocabulary easily fall to the background. But ideally, many of us would like to work on our Greek daily and see it consistently improve so it would enrich our ministry and personal Bible reading. 

There are many reasons you should continue working on your Greek, despite how busy life gets, on which I have written at B&H Academic’s blog. If you’re already convinced you should keep working on it but don’t know how, Exegetical Tools (www.exegeticaltools.com) has a new weekly e-mail they are launching in a couple weeks that is exactly what you need. 

Exegetical Tools’ Basic Greek for the Week e-mail includes a basic paradigm for you to practice throughout the week, with brief explanation and some quick translation exercises based on the paradigm. Most e-mails will also include a free video teaching through the paradigm in case you want to re-learn it from scratch. You will also see optional opportunities for going deeper with Greek and links to the latest posts from the ET blog so you don’t miss anything.

Even better, B&H Academic is sponsoring the launch of the weekly e-mail by providing over $500 in Greek resources for a giveaway. Five winners will each win a package worth over $100, including the following four resrouces:

  1. Learn to Read New Testament Greek by David Alan Black
  2. Colossians and Philemon by Murray Harris (Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament; see review here)
  3. 1 Peter by Greg Forbes (Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament; see review here)
  4. James by Chris A. Vlachos (Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament)

David Black’s Greek textbook is a time-tested resource that is sure to help you learn, retain, or improve your Greek. The Exegetical Guides to the Greek New Testament are amazing resources to help you retain and improve your Greek, and you can read more about them by reading the reviews linked to above.

So sign-up today and enter to win one of these five Greek packages from B&H Academic. This consistent, weekly practice of basic paradigms and translation exercises will not only help you retain your Greek, but also motivate you to study more on your own and deepen your knowledge of God’s Word for the sake of faithful ministry. Click here to sign up now.

Todd Scacewater

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