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Published on April 22, 2014 by Igor Mateski

Books At a Glance is dedicated to keeping our readers informed and up to date with regard to significant new publications. Each week our premium members are treated to a condensed yet comprehensive summary of a new book. We now are pleased to announce that along with these weekly Summaries we are adding a new dimension of service that is designed to keep our members abreast of “what’s hot” on the broader cultural and religious scene.

Holding always to our theological commitments, under the broad category of Culture and Contemporary Religion we will be reviewing and summarizing books on contemporary culture and books that expose and/or even promote “alternative” understandings of church, theology, and spirituality–this to help interested members keep up with the thinking of our increasingly pluralistic world. Emerging trends, movements, and personalities both within the church and outside it are multiplying in number and diversity, and we eagerly take on this new dimension so that our goal at Books At a Glance–to keep you informed and up to date–will be achieved more fully.

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Our new Review Editor of Culture and Contemporary Religion, Michael Plato, has joined us to help us in this effort. Michael Plato is Professor of Film, Culture Studies, and World Religions at Seneca College in Toronto. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa, doing his research in historical theology under the local supervision of our own Dr. Michael Haykin. Michael Plato loves to keep his finger on the pulse of societal and religious trends (Christian and otherwise), and he is a wonderful fit for this position.

I want to emphasize that this new dimension of service is for our premium members and is in addition to the weekly book summaries that they already receive. Keeping up with current trends in culture, religion, and contemporary “spirituality” is a never-ending task, and we trust that our work in this area will prove valuable for you to that end.

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Very honestly, we’re excited about this new service! It’s an important added dimension of our work, and we expect it to be a very popular feature. We look forward to your feedback!

Jim Zaspel
Business Manager, Books At a Glance


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