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Baker Academic, 2015 | 256 pages

The distinctiveness of John’s Gospel has been recognized by Christians since the beginning, and its various emphases and theological themes have been eagerly explored. In his new Gospel of Glory noted New Testament scholar Richard Bauckham (senior scholar at Ridley Hall, Cambridge) explores some neglected and some debated themes from John’s Gospel with his characteristic precision and insight.

Chapter 1:  Individualism
John’s portrayal of the believer’s relationship to Jesus and the mutual indwelling of the believer and Jesus.

Chapter 2:  Divine and Human Community
The significance of the word “one” in John’s Gospel and the theological dimensions of plurality within unity.

Chapter 3:  Glory
John’s theology of glory against the background of the Old Testament and with regard to the person and work of Jesus.

Chapter 4:  Cross, Resurrection, and Exaltation
“Love,” “life,” “glory,” and “truth in John’s Gospel.

Chapter 5:  Sacraments?
An examination of the much debated question of sacramental allusions in the Gospel of John.

Chapter 6:  Dualisms
A study of the various contrasts in John, such as good and evil, this age and the age to come, heaven, the wicked and the righteous, etc.

Chapter 7:  Dimensions of Meaning in the Gospel’s First Week
An examination of how John’s language evokes multiple levels of meaning in John 1:19-2:11.

Chapter 8:  The Johannine Jesus and the Synoptic Jesus
A comparison of John’s Gospel with the Synoptics and the significance of the Gospel of John for faith.

Bauckham’s new monograph is probably the most important guide to selected Johannine themes and passages since Leon Morris’s Jesus is the Christ. A rich, up-to-date resource that no serious student will want to miss. 

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Gospel Of Glory: Major Themes In Johannine Theology

Baker Academic, 2015 | 256 pages

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