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Christian Focus, 2015 | 144 pages

You’ve seen devotionals for husbands and wives, but you’ve not seen one like this – a wonderful collection of 50 insightful quotes on marriage, carefully selected from various eras of the history of the church, and 50 accompanying biblical, devotional reflections for you and your spouse.

The historical quotations provide a collection of wisdom from the ages, and along with each of these the editors provide a brief historical introduction to the person quoted as well as an accompanying biblical reflection.

These carefully selected quotes and their accompanying devotional reflections aim to strengthen you and your marriage by pointing you to the promises of God’s Word and by showing you how past generations have applied this life-giving message to their own marriages.

You might not have considered that saints of the past have addressed the very issues you struggle with in your own life and marriage, but help from –

·        Justin Martyr

·        Tertullian

·        Athanasius

·        Augustine

·        Martin Luther

·        Heirich Bullinger

·        John Calvin

·        The Book of Common Prayer

·        John Milton

·        Matthew Henry

·        Philip Doddridge

·        Jonathan Edwards

·        Andrew Fuller

·        Adoniram Judson

·        Charles Haddon Spurgeon

·        C.S. Lewis

·        D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones

·        Francis Schaeffer

·        Elisabeth Elliot

·        John Piper

·        and many more

From the Authors’ Introduction

Regardless of where you are in the journey of marriage, we can all benefit from hearing from others along the way. We don’t want to be like Chesterton or his poor yachtsman – too ashamed to ask for help and too foolish to listen to others. Marriage was never meant to be a lonely voyage. The Lord has provided a great cloud of witnesses who can speak to its joys and strengthen you in its trials. The men and women quoted in this book provide a collection of uniquely Christian reflections on the subject with the aim that marriage might be, in the words of the author of Hebrews, “held in honor by all” (Heb. 13:4). We pray that the pages ahead encourage you toward faithfulness and bring glory to God, who loves His people so extravagantly that He calls them His Bride (Rev. 21:9).


    Alistair Begg

This is historical theology at its best. Biblical, practical, wonderfully helpful and really enjoyable.

    Nancy Leigh DeMoss

As a woman engaged to be married for the first time (in my mid-50s), who loves classic Christian writings and devotional literature, I have found this book to be a treasure trove. A sweet and timely source of wisdom as I seek to honor Christ in a new season and station of life.

    Andreas J. Kӧstenberger

This inspiring collection of excerpts on marriage with accompanying devotionals will make stimulating reading for engaged and married couples and even singles… Highly recommended!

    Albert Mohler

A wonderful resource for Christians as they seek to live out their marriages in a way that glorifies God and exalts the Gospel.

    Stephen J. Nichols

What a delightful mix of historical wisdom, biblical truth, and real-world application. In these pages you’ll hear the early church martyr Ignatius tell you “Marriage is God’s good gift.” Keep reading and you’ll see how good and glorious of a gift it is.

A unique book indeed, offering help from the ages. 


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Held In Honor: Wisdom For Your Marriage From Voices Of The Past

Christian Focus, 2015 | 144 pages

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