In Case You Missed It – 3/16/2015

Published on March 16, 2015 by Jim Zaspel

In Case You Missed It!

Items of Interest from around the web.

You’ve doubtless heard of “The Great Debate” (1985) between Atheist Gordon Stein and Reformed apologist Greg Bahnsen. You can watch the debate here and download the transcript here.

Dr. Bradley Green, our Review Editor for Systematic Theology, announces his new book, Covenant and Commandment.
Some good counsel from David Prince: A Simple Guide to Reading and Applying the Bible with Jesus as the Hero.

  1. Warner Wallace gives some good advice on “Using a Detective’s Approach When Deciding How to Interact.”

The new issue of Credo!

Collin Hansen’s “How To Become a Gospel Shaped Church.”

You American history buffs will enjoy this piece on John and Abigail Adams.

Did they really tie a rope to the High Priest’s ankle on the Day of Atonement? Dr. Will Varner weighs in with some caution.

Check out the Exegetical Tools from our new Assistant Editor, Todd Scacewater.

Paul Helm’s “John Davenant and ‘Hypothetical Universalism’”

Kevin DeYoung’s “The Coptic Church and Chalcedon

Michael Vlach’s “12 Points for Understanding the Major Biblical Covenants

The latest episode of The Mortification of Spin (with our own Aimee Byrd and Carl Trueman!)

Grant Castleberry’s Complementarianism as a Movement from CBMW

Will Varner cautions us again on preacher-perpetuated myths.

60 Ways the Inerrant Word Blesses Us, from our Review Editor for Counseling Paul Tautges

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