Introducing THE BIBLE’S BIG STORY: Salvation History for Kids

Published on April 9, 2014 by Igor Mateski

Christian Focus, 2014 | 24 pages

Our friend Jim Hamilton (professor of Biblical Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is not content teaching the Bible to seminarians. He wants to teach your children too.

Hamilton, himself a father of four, is well known for his passion to help Christians learn the Bible story-line, and here he tells the Bible story in 24 memorable pages. Each epoch in the Bible’s developing story of salvation is captured in a brief, catchy two-line rhyme with accompanying colorful picture and related Scripture verse. He begins with creation —

    “God created all that is,
    Therefore, all that is, is his.”

— and moves in turn to the Fall, the curse, the promise —

    “Judgment to the snake God spoke
    And hope in Adam’s heart awoke.”

— and then on to the flood, the promise to Abraham, the Exodus, the conquest, David, the kings, the exile, the birth of Jesus, the cross —

    “And so at last God’s Son was sent
    On an unexpected path he went.”

— and so on — salvation history in brief for kids (ages two and up). The simple brief lines of the poem carry the story throughout, just two brief lines at a time; the accompanying pictures portray the scenes memorably, easily capturing a child’s attention; and the accompanying Scripture verses provide the parent for further teaching.

It is good to see in recent years a new kind of children’s literature that provides more than miscellaneous Bible stories but recognizes the Bible story itself, and this little gem retells that story remarkably well. Great for every family with young children — buy a box of them and hand them out at church!

    “On the cross he paid for sin,
    Jesus, Saviour of all men.”

Fred G. Zaspel


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The Bible’s Big Story: Salvation History For Kids

Christian Focus, 2014 | 24 pages

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