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Published on August 26, 2016 by Joshua Centanni

Some review thoughts from Fred Zaspel

logos-7-02I have been using Logos Bible Software increasingly for years now, and its value is more evident all the time. It has a thousand different features that make it useful, and it seems I keep finding functions that I didn’t know it had. But I will mention just two features in particular make it of value to me.

Of course it’s primary value is the searchable biblical text – in English, Greek, and Hebrew. The functions here save hours and hours or research time with a click of the mouse, not only for simple concordance searches but for more advanced research – such as in Old Testament study finding with a click what Greek words in the Septuagint most commonly translate a given Hebrew word. I’ve done hours and hours of leg-work in just seconds with this function

The Logos library is another huge benefit. I’m not quite ready to say that I actually prefer electronic books to hard copies, but that’s pretty much what it looks like in my study. I’ve amassed a huge Logos library over the years, and with Logos I can check many commentaries and reference books in the time it would take to walk over to my shelf and check just one. And all the books are searchable besides. The Logos library is a marvelous aid to study and a wonderful time-saver.

Bible Study.
Search capabilities.
Word studies.
Analyses of various kinds.

For me, these are the features that make Logos valuable.

And don’t think this is all good for the “professional” only. Just recently a young man in our church remarked to me what an enormous boost to his Christian growth Logos has been, having taken him into the Scriptures more deeply and more thoroughly and more easily than he could have on his own.

In brief, Logos helps you study and learn the Bible and its teaching. I heartily recommend it, and of the various Logos packages there is bound to be one good for your use.

Logos 7 has just been released, and this new update is loaded with helps and resources of all kinds such as aids for handouts and visual presentations and even video courses of study from outstanding biblical scholars (something I’ve not yet taken advantage of but hope to soon!).

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Fred Zaspel

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