Logos – The George Eldon Ladd Collection

Published on October 17, 2018 by Joshua R Monroe

Eerdmans, 2018 | 1505 pages

A Brief Book Notice from Books At a Glance

By Fred Zaspel


Along the course of my own biblical and theological development, only a very few writers have helped me more than George Eldon Ladd. His New Testament Theology, especially the sections on the Gospels, was an eye-opener and marked my introduction to Biblical Theology as a distinct discipline. It was a wonderful moment, those many years ago, and I remember it with great appreciation.

I think next I read his I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, which further helped solidify a Biblical-Theological understanding of Scripture.

I had already decided that I could not defend a pre-tribulation rapture doctrine exegetically by the time I read his The Blessed Hope helped me – but he helped me nail that down still more tightly.

Somewhere along the way I read his The Presence of the Future – a genuine evangelical classic that all upper level students, at least, should read. The title expresses well his theme and the Biblical-Theological work for which he is so well noted.

His famous popular-level The Gospel of the Kingdom and his insightful Commentary on Revelation came later, as well as his excellent Crucial Questions about the Kingdom of God. All in all, Ladd has been an important teacher for me, and I am glad to see this George Eldon Ladd Collection available from Logos – seven of his leading works bundled together, all now entirely searchable and easily accessible for computer or other electronic reading device.

An important collection of works from Logos. Very highly recommend.

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Logos – The George Eldon Ladd Collection

Eerdmans, 2018 | 1505 pages

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