Matthew Barrett: Advice for Seminary Students

Published on May 15, 2014 by Igor Mateski

Some good advice today from Matthew Barrett for seminary students … and other Christians too!



There it is one piece of advice I would like to pass along to use seminary students. When you go to seminary you are going to be reading and reading and reading some more. You’re going to be reading books on every subject. You’re gonna be reading commentaries, you’re going to be reading books on different topics of theology, you’re gonna be reading books on Church History and the list goes on and on.

All these books are very important to understanding the Christian faith, but in the excitement of all this we sometimes fall into the trap of forgetting about the most important book: The Scripture itself.

So my advice to seminary students is this: in the midst of all this excitement don’t forget to read Scripture. In your own devotional time, with your family and even in your own studies make sure that you are returning again and again to Scripture so that your own life has been reformed and so that Scripture is the lens that you are looking through when you read all these other books that are so important.


Matthew Barrett (PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Assistant Professor of Christian Studies at California Baptist University and Executive Editor of Credo magazine. He also serves on our Board of Reference here at Books At a Glance.

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