MLK50: Thabiti Anyabwile, TGC, and the ERLC of the SBC. A Bibliography.

Published on April 12, 2018 by Joshua R Monroe

MLK50: Thabiti Anyabwile, TGC, and the ERLC of the SBC

~ A Bibliography ~

Editor’s Note:

Many thanks again to our good friend Jack Jeffery our favorite bibliographer! for helping us track yet another online discussion. We hope this will help you keep up!


Back Story:

2013 — on the subject of Douglas Wilson, Black & Tan: A Collection of Essays and Excursions on Slavery, Culture War, and Scripture in America (Moscow, ID: Canon, 2005)[2]

2016 – on the subjects of moral choices and race in the Presidential election

Compiled by:
John T. “Jack” Jeffery
Pastor, Wayside Gospel Chapel
Greentown, PA
9-12 APR 2018
Soli Deo Gloria

[1] By Recent” is meant the 3-4 APR 2018 MLK50 conference documented in the first entry, and subsequent interaction precipitated by that conference. Related posts from 2013 and 2016 are included under “Back Story” below.

[2] Also involved in this discussion is the volume that Thabiti Anyabwile refers to as the “prequel”: Douglas Wilson, and Steve Wilkins, Southern Slavery: As It Was (Moscow, ID: Canon, 1996). Thabiti’s reference to this as the prequel is in his “A Black and Tan Round-Up” (2 APR 2013), on The Gospel Coalition at [accessed 10 APR 2018].

[3] Wilson begins this post with “This is the fourth post in a series of four posts on race and reconciliation.” It is unclear to the compiler of this bibliography what posts constitute the first three after searching Wilson’s blog with the tag “Retractions,” and the subject of “race and reconciliation.”

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