Old Princeton Today: Some Recent Studies

Published on July 25, 2014 by Jim Zaspel

Crossway, 2010 | 626 pages

The giants of Old Princeton have much to offer, and interest in their work has been on the rise. Here are some significant related titles from recent (10) years.
Princeton & Preaching: Archibald Alexander and the Christian Ministry
James M. Garretson
Banner of Truth, 2005
280 pp., hardcover

B.B. Warfield: Essays on His Life and Thought
Gary L.W. Johnson, ed.
P&R, 2007
265 pp., paperback

The Theology of B.B. Warfield: A Systematic Summary
Fred G. Zaspel
Crossway, 2010
624 pp., hardcover or Kindle

Right Reason and the Princeton Mind: An Unorthodox Proposal
Paul K. Helseth
P&R, 2010
304 pp., paperback

Charles Hodge: Guardian of American Orthodoxy
Paul C. Gutjahr
Oxford University Press, 2011
528 pp., hardcover or paperback or Kindle

A Scribe Well-Trained: Archibald Alexander and the Life of Piety
James M. Garretson
Reformed Heritage Books, 2011
185 pp., paperback or Kindle

B.B. Warfield’s Scientifically Constructive Theological Scholarship
David Smith
Wipf & Stock, 2011
342 pp., paperback

Charles Hodge: The Pride of Princeton
Andrew W. Hoffecker
P&R, 2011
460 pp., paperback

Warfield on the Christian Life: Living in Light of the Gospel
Fred G. Zaspel
Crossway, 2012, 2014
240 pp., paperback or Kindle

Princeton and the Work of Christian Ministry
James Garretson
Banner of Truth, 2012
1408 pp., 2 vol. hardcover

Pastor-Teachers of Old Princeton
James M. Garretson
Banner of Truth, 2012
600 pp., hardcover

Princeton Seminary in American Religion and Culture
James H. Moorhead
Eerdmans, 2012
570 pp., hardcover

An Able and Faithful Ministry: Samuel Miller and the Pastoral Office
James M. Garretson
Reformation Heritage Books, 2014
500 pp., hardcover, or Kindle


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Old Princeton Today: Some Recent Studies

Crossway, 2010 | 626 pages

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