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Wipf & Stock, 2014 | 230 pages

Brief Book Notice

This book provides ten essays (chapters) each exploring some aspect of the exodus theme in Scripture. It does not provide a “whole picture” survey of the theme throughout Scripture but selected “reverberations” of it.

Three chapters are of particular value: chapter 1, “The Meaning and Significance of the Exodus Event” by Eugene Merrill provides a wealth of raw biblical data tracing exodus echoes through each division of the Old Testament; chapter 3, which traces the impact of the exodus on the Psalms and Old Covenant worship (Daniel Estes); and chapter 10, which provides helpful summary observations on the use of the exodus theme in Scripture.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1
The Meaning and Significance of the Exodus Event
By Eugene H. Merrill

Chapter 2
Joshua and Israel’s Exodus from the Desert Wilderness
By Helene M. Dallaire and Denise R. Morris

Chapter 3
The Psalms, the Exodus, and Israel’s Worship
By Daniel J. Estes

Chapter 4
Ezekiel as Moses – Israel as Pharoah: Reverberations of the Exodus Narrative in Ezekiel
By Nevada Levi DeLapp

Chapter 5
Promise and Failure: Second Exodus in Ezra-Nehemiah
Joshua E. Williams

Chapter 6
The (New) Exodus in Luke and Acts: An Appeal for Moderation
Joshua L. Mann

Chapter 7
“The Word Became Flesh and Tabernacles Among Us”: A Primer for the Exodus in John’s Gospel
By Thomas N. Willoughby

Chapter 8
Ephesians and the Hermeneutics of the New Exodus
By David I. Starling

Chapter 9
“He Spoke About the Exodus”: Echoes of Exodus in Hebrews
By Radu Gheorghita

Chapter 10
The Exodus and Biblical Theology
By Robin Routledge


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Reverberations Of The Exodus In Scripture

Wipf & Stock, 2014 | 230 pages

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