Ryken: “One of his last gifts to his beloved congregation”

Published on April 15, 2020 by Benjamin J. Montoya

P & R Publishing, 2020 | 1104 pages

Ryken: “One of his last gifts to his beloved congregation”

About the Author:

James Montgomery Boice (July 7, 1938—June 15, 2000) was pastor of the historic Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia for more than three decades. With degrees from Harvard, Princeton Theological Seminary, and the University of Basel, Dr. Boice was well known and well respected as a Bible expositor. He wrote many books and commentaries, including a four-volume commentary on the book of Romans, and his Bible Study Hour radio program can still be heard on air and online.



“Jim Boice’s final series of sermons at Tenth Presbyterian Church before his untimely death and promotion to glory cover only the first six chapters of the book of Revelation, but they are a marvelous synthesis of exegesis and theology, of doctrine and life. Read this book for your own well-being, to lead yourself into adoration, to hunger and pray for righteousness that springs from the gospel of grace. Then distribute copies to your friends for their well-being, too.”

D. A. Carson

Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Editor, Pillar New Testament Commentary series

“Dr. James M. Boice’s commentary on Revelation is like a theological GPS that helps the reader to navigate the challenges of understanding the Bible’s most apocalyptic book. Thankfully, he stresses Jesus’s saving work as the central point of Revelation, downplaying charts and predictions in favor of highlighting Jesus as the triumphant Servant, victorious Lamb, and reigning King at the center of all history. Brilliant, biblically rich, and a true blessing.”

Doug Logan Jr.

President, Grimké Seminary; Codirector, Acts 29’s Church in Hard Places

“These studies on the book of Revelation were the last sermons in the fruitful ministry of James Montgomery Boice. They also represent the height of his expository prowess. Dr. Boice died with a supreme anticipation of the glories he so remarkably describes from Revelation 4 and 5 and with an optimism for the church due to the sovereign reign of her Lord. Anyone who benefited from Boice’s long and faithful ministry will find this a must-have volume. Those who have not yet studied under his skillful hand will find these studies in Revelation a stirring introduction to one of the great pulpit ministries of the twentieth century.”

Richard D. Phillips

Senior Minister, Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina; Chairman, Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology

“Any Christian who has ever turned to the back of the Bible to ‘see how the story ends’ or has puzzled over the bizarre and sometimes disturbing images in its final pages knows how strange Revelation is—and how deeply our hearts desire to know what it means. Dr. Boice’s clear and compelling expositions of the Bible’s famous last book became one of his last gifts to his beloved congregation. . . . Now, for the first time, these marvelous messages are appearing in print for the blessing of the wider church.”

Philip Graham Ryken

eighth president of Wheaton College

“Dr. Boice had an eye for the many close connections between the Old and New Testaments. With Moses, those connections are especially abundant. The result is an exposition that frequently displays Jesus Christ in his atoning sacrifice and resurrection glory. . . . Everyone who reads this life of Moses 
will have the rare and genuine pleasure of hearing Dr. Boice’s strong voice again. By the grace of God, the message in its pages will bring fresh blessing to the church of Jesus Christ.”

Philip Graham Ryken

from the foreword

“What a gift to the church are these words from a faithful preacher of the Word who now knows the full presence of the Lord Jesus he served so
well. As Dr. Boice unfolds the words and life of Moses in these chapters, he unswervingly points us to the promised prophet—one like Moses, but the very Son of God, the Word made flesh. I’m grateful to Linda Boice and those who with such excellence and love have compiled and edited this volume.”

Kathleen Nielson

Author, Bible Study: Following the Ways of the Word; Advisor and Editor, The Gospel Coalition

“Dr. Boice teaches us about more than the life of Moses. He teaches us why we can trust the God of Moses and how we are to hold fast to God’s Word. Through the life of Moses, Boice teaches us about the life of faith in our Redeemer. Once again, Boice’s pastoral care in his writing makes this book a great resource for laypeople to use during their devotional time.”

Aimee Byrd

Author, Why Can’t We Be Friends? and No Little Women; Cohost, Mortification of Spin podcast

“Dr. James Montgomery Boice was first and foremost a preacher. He preached with authority because he had a profound sense of the binding
and compelling truthfulness of God’s Word. And because Scripture is the very word of God, Boice had a profound sense of drama. We see this clearly in these never-before-published lessons on the life of Moses. Here we find astounding moments and breathtaking scenes. Here we find ourselves standing on holy ground. Here we learn from Moses that we must trust God, obey God, and focus on God to the exclusion of all else. And here Dr. Boice continues to teach us of our ultimate calling: to worship God in the splendor of his glory.”

Stephen J. Nichols

President, Reformation Bible College; Chief Academic Officer, Ligonier Ministries

“In Come to the Waters, long-time colleague and friend Marion Clark gives us James Montgomery Boice at his Bible-teaching best. The detailed subject index makes this volume a mind-renewing theological resource as well as a soul-refreshing devotional treasure.”

Philip Graham Ryken

President, Wheaton College

“I have read with great pleasure, and much benefit, Marion Clarks compendium of the writings of James Montgomery Boice. Dr. Boice was a gifted theologian and an unusually able preacher, but above all, a gracious man of God. Marion Clark has brought together some of the riches of Dr. Boices written ministry in these devotional readings, and I enthusiastically commend this new edition of an excellent piece of work. Daily use of it will enrich your spiritual life.”

Eric J. Alexander

Author, Our Great God and Saviour

“The preaching of James Montgomery Boice was a primary instigator in the resurgence of Reformed theology in America in the late twentieth century. Those of us who had the privilege to sit under his ministry week after week experienced the life-changing power of Boices expository preaching. Come to the Waters captures the power of Gods Word as James Boice preached it and brings his ministry to life for readers today.”

Richard D. Phillips

Senior Minister, Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville

“James Montgomery Boice was a prince of expositors, one of the most gifted preachers of our age. Here is the best of Boice in one volume, a compilation of his many preaching gems that focuses upon the greatness and grandeur of our awesome God. These carefully selected excerpts from his pulpit ministry will cause every reader to see our holy, sovereign God more clearly, love him more fully, and live for him more deeply.”

Steven J. Lawson

President, OnePassion Ministries, Dallas

“James Montgomery Boice was a master Bible teacher. He could make the most difficult passages approachable, clear and practical. That legacy shines in this wonderful day-by-day collection. Read and savor. These devotionals will not only cause you to love the Word of God, but, more importantly, the God of grace who is revealed in every passage.”

Paul David Tripp

President, Paul Tripp Ministries

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