“The first book I would give to new Christians.” –Schreiner

Published on January 24, 2020 by Benjamin J. Montoya

The Good Book Company, 2020 | 96 pages

“The first book I would give to new Christians.” –Schreiner

Whether you are a new Christian, or have been for a while and feel in need of a refresher, or have been around church for years but things have only just clicked into place for you, this inspiring and practical book will give you the essentials–what you really need to know if you’re going to follow Jesus.

Gary Millar shows readers how letting the fundamental truths of the gospel take root in our hearts changes everything about the way we see God, ourselves and the world around us. He explores what this miraculous change on the inside looks like on the outside as we live our lives shaped around gospel priorities.

Packed full of warmth and wisdom, this book will set anyone up for a lifetime of living for Jesus. It’s perfect for giving to new Christians and makes a great gift for baptisms or confirmations. Mentoring questions are included for each chapter, so it’s also an ideal resource to use in one-to-one discipleship with younger believers.


About the Author:

Gary Millar is the Principal of Queensland Theological College in Brisbane, Australia. He teaches Old Testament, Biblical Theology and Preaching. Before taking up the post as Principal he was pastor for 17 years in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. He is married to Fiona and they have 3 children.



“Gary Millar possesses a wonderful knack of getting quickly and simply to the heart of the matter. He is at his best in “Need to Know”. I read it to my profit and would love for it to become a standard text for our church family.”

Alistair Begg

Truth For Life

“ Gary Millar’s book on living the Christian life is the first book I would give to new Christians (and it can help older Christians too!). People read less today, but here we have a compact and winsome explanation of what it means to be a Christian. Don’t let the simplicity of Millar’s writing style fool you. There is deep and profound and life-changing theology in this book, and it is perfect for discipling new believers.”

Thomas R. Schreiner

Professor of New Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Because more and more people who come to genuine faith in Christ have little or no Christian background, it is becoming more and more important to orientate them to Christian life and thought. What is needed is something of a cross between a gentle introduction to basic Christian belief and a ‘how-to’ manual. This book is it.”

D. A. Carson

Research Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“You were made to know and enjoy God. This book may be short and seemingly simple, but it will point you in the direction of solid and serious joy that begins now and lasts forever. Short doesn’t mean trivial. This book addresses the most important quest in the universe, and Gary Millar is a good guide.”

David Mathis

Senior Teacher and Executive Editor, desiringGod.org; Author, Habits of Grace

“It’s overwhelming to think of all the things I’d like to tell someone who is starting their journey of following Christ. I’m so glad Gary Millar wrote this book; he distills and explains what you need to know in a way that anyone can understand. This book is clear, faithful and relatable, and will be a joy to start giving away to friends!”

Gloria Furman

Author, Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full and Labor with Hope

“In this engaging little book, Gary Millar is able to communicate, with good humor, colorful illustrations, and biblical faithfulness, the most significant truths a person needs to know to live out the Christian life. I anticipate giving plenty copies of this book away to people wanting to understand the basics of life in Christ.”

Nancy Guthrie

Author; Bible Teacher

“This is a concisely comprehensive little book. It provides so much for so many different kinds of people. Enlightenment for the suspicious. Challenge for the complacent. Guidance for the seeking. Instruction for the questioning. Refreshment for the forgetful (people like me). Gary not only tells but shows how the gospel is for everyone… and how anyone can take their next step forward.”

John Onwuchekwa

Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Atlanta

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Gary Millar has given us that rare combination, an accessible book written in a warm, engaging, realistic style but with content that has a depth arising from a thorough and thoughtful biblical and theological understanding. It will be a thoroughly useful book and I commend it warmly.”

Christopher Ash

Writer-in-Residence, Tyndale House, Cambridge

“I have been a Christian for sixty years, and I benefited from this book for beginners, and loved being challenged and encouraged by it. I wish I had been given it when I started out, but it would be worth reading at any stage.”

Peter Jensen

Former Archbishop of Sydney

“This book tells you what you need to know to live the Christian life, and it does it with clarity, honesty, realism, humor and graciousness. Millar’s style is very practical and down to earth. We’re left with a real sense of both the privilege and the responsibility it is to live for Jesus, and a clear idea of what this will look like in everyday life.”

Jane Tooher

Lecturer, Moore College

“If there is one profound yet simple book to read that will help you watch your life and doctrine closely, this is it. Gary Millar has written an engaging, Bible-saturated and Christ-exalting guide to the gospel-shaped life, which he clearly lives.”

Richard Chin

National Director, The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students; Author, Captivated by Christ

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The Good Book Company, 2020 | 96 pages

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