Tribute to Tom Nettles By Steven Lawson

Published on May 21, 2014 by Igor Mateski

A revered scholar and accomplished author, Dr. Tom Nettles is a gift to the Reformed Baptist movement. I first came under the influence of Dr. Nettles almost forty years ago in 1976 as a seminary student. This distinguished professor was my initial contact with Reformed teaching. At the time, I was coming from an entirely different theological persuasion. Nevertheless, his classroom instruction challenged me to give careful consideration to the doctrines of sovereign grace. Nearly four decades later, I can trace my journey in Reformed truth back to the lectern of this acclaimed teacher. To this day, the theological and historical teaching of Dr. Nettles remains a core conviction with me. His book, By His Grace and for His Glory, introduced me to the distinctly Calvinistic commitments of the Southern Baptist founders. Further, his three-volume work, The Baptists: Key People Involved gave me a fuller awareness of the historical lineage of Reformed Baptists. His latest tome on Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Living by Revealed Truth, is destined to be a classic. I remain thankful for the prolific ministry of Dr. Thomas Nettles, a faithful servant of the Word, who has consistently taught the full counsel of God these many decades with an unwavering commitment.

Steven J. Lawson, Senior Pastor
Christ Fellowship Baptist Church
Mobile, AL


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