WHAT IS THE TRINITY?, by David F. Wells

Published on January 24, 2018 by Joshua R Monroe

P&R, 2012 | 43 pages

On several occasions we’ve mentioned our appreciation for P&R’s Basics of the Faith series. The series is a great idea, providing excellent doctrinal summaries in bite-size pieces. We recommend these booklets enthusiastically.

Today’s feature is from David Wells’ booklet, What Is the Trinity? His opening lines are striking, and we thought you’d enjoy!

This much is certain. Had the Christian faith merely been a human invention, Christians would never have come up with the doctrine of the Trinity. This doctrine is too thorny to understand and too difficult to explain for anyone to have deliberately fabricated it. There is no other religion that has anything remotely like this. No, this is not the fruit of our imagination but a doctrine of the way things are. God is triune. Knowing him in his triunity is central to Christian faith. Indeed, without this truth, that faith is not Christian at all.


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What Is the Trinity?

P&R, 2012 | 43 pages

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