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Zondervan, 2016 | 160 pages

If you can read it, you can usually understand it. And if you can visualize it also, you can probably understand it better … and remember it better also. That seems to be the thinking behind this attractive new book from Tim Challies (author) and Josh Byers (illustrator), and you probably haven’t seen another book quite like it.

Along the way in his popular blog Tim Challies has offered numerous charts and graphics illustrating biblical teaching, Here he goes all out to present an attractive, enjoyable, and easily understandable introductory guide to Christian faith and life – crisply and briefly explained and graphically illustrated in bite-size pieces.


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Table of Contents

Section One: Grow Close to Christ
Chapter One: Gospel
Chapter Two: Identity
Chapter Three: Relationship

Section Two: Understand the Work of Christ
Chapter Four: Drama
Chapter Five: Doctrine

Section Three: Become Like Christ
Chapter Six: Putting Off
Chapter Seven: Putting On

Section Four: Live for Christ
Chapter Eight: Vocation
Chapter Nine: Relationships
Chapter Ten: Stewardship


5 Ways to Put This Book to Use

Challies suggests five ways this book may be put to use profitably:

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  1. Read and observe it. The most obvious way to use the book is to simply read it while also looking at the graphics. We intended to create graphics that would complement the words, adding visual learning to the standard textual learning.
  2. Read it with your family. We deliberately prepared the book to appeal to a wide range of people. And, indeed, much of the teaching that led to the book was done in front of a full congregation of children and adults. We believe Visual Theology will serve as an ideal book for parents to read with their family, especially with older children. It might also make a good homeschool resource.
  3. Read it with your group. Already I know of peer groups that are reading the book together. It could also be a candidate for men’s or women’s meetings. I believe it will be especially attractive to those who have little natural interest in reading (you know who you are…).
  4. Give it as a graduation gift. The book was prepared with a visual generation in mind. Where young people may be convinced that theology and Christian living are a bit drab, we hope this book will have immediate visual appeal that will motivate them to dive deeper.
  5. Use it as a teaching aid. The book provides a systematic method to teach how to live the Christian life. You can borrow the format and (coming soon!) download and use the graphics to help you as you teach others how to live in this world for God’s glory.


The need for teaching Christian basics is always an urgent one, and the challenge is perhaps particularly keen in a generation that is not accustomed to reading. Visual Theology is eminently suited to fit the bill – very useful for personal, small-group, or Sunday School use.


Fred Zaspel

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Visual Theology

Zondervan, 2016 | 160 pages

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