We all long for “happily ever afters.” But let’s face it, life’s just not like that! Or is it?

Published on March 12, 2020 by Benjamin J. Montoya

The Good Book Company, 2020 | 64 pages

Happily Ever After?


Discover how Jesus’ happy ending can be yours too.

We all long for “happily ever afters.” But let’s face it, life is just not like that! Or is it?

This evangelistic book takes readers through the Easter story. Good Friday looked like a bad ending to Jesus’ story. But Easter Sunday changed everything… for everyone… forever after!

Discover how Jesus’ happy ending can be yours too as you explore how his life, death and resurrection solve the issues that plague humankind: sin and death.

Easter really can change your life, for good, forever after.

This book is great to give away to non-believers at Easter.


About the Author:

Jonty Allcock is pastor at the Globe Church in central London. He is married to Linda and loves being a dad to three sons. Jonty is the author of Impossible Commands, Lost, Hero and Fearless.



“A great little book to give away at Easter. Everyone longs for a happy ending in life and Jonty unpacks the Bible’s answer with warmth and clarity.”

Matt Fuller

Senior Minister, Christ Church Mayfair; author, Perfect Sinners and Time for Every Thing?

“’They think it’s all over. … It is now!’ The greatest stories in history often come with a double ending. Jesus’ story is no different, and nor is ours. In this beautiful little book, Jonty Allcock shows how Jesus offers us a glorious Sunday ending to wipe away the pain of our inevitable Friday ending, if we will accept it. A simple but ingenious analogy to help explain the story of Easter and salvation.”

Jennie Pollock

Writer and editor

“We all love a happy ending—we all want a happy ending. This short, engaging, often funny and sometimes surprising book shows you how you can find yours. This will help you see Easter—and life—in a whole new way.”

Rebecca Manley Pippert

Speaker; author, Out of the Saltshaker and LiveGrowKnow DVD curriculum

“We all love a story with a happy ending, because we all long for happy endings in our own lives. In this clear, compelling, creative and concise book, Jonty Allcock shows that only Jesus can bring us the happy ending we need because he has smashed death by his own death and resurrection. All who read this book will discover the truth, wonder and significance of the Easter story afresh, and find the hope and happy ending they so desperately crave.”

John Stevens

National Director, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC)

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The Good Book Company, 2020 | 64 pages

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