Book Notice: YOU COULD HAVE IT ALL, by Geoffrey Thomas

Published on August 18, 2020 by Benjamin J. Montoya

Reformation Heritage Books, 2020 | 88 pages

A Brief Book Notice from Books At a Glance

Fred G. Zaspel


I love to see good books written to reach non-Christians for Christ, and this may now be my first pick in that genre. It’s brief, it’s very accessible, it’s engaging, it’s very well-informed, it’s full of Christ, it’s substantive yet popular-level, and it’s a thoroughly delightful read. I happily recommend that every Christian read it – enjoy and be blessed! – and then give out copies to all your non-Christian friends. In a winsome and non-threatening manner Thomas presents the greatness of God, the uniqueness of Christ, the way of salvation, and the glorious benefits of the gospel most attractively. You will never feel embarrassed sharing this little book with anyone.

What a wonderful gem this is. Honest, I would love to see this joy-filled, Christ-centered little book become one of the best-sellers of the decade. Do yourself a favor and read this! And do your non-Christians friends a favor and give them all a copy! Get a boxful, and make good use of them all.


Table of Contents

You Could Have It All! 1

  1. You Could Know God 7
  2. You Could Know Yourself 13
  3. You Could Have All Your Sins Forgiven 25
  4. You Could Become a Child of God 33
  5. You Could Experience All Things Working Together for Your Good 41
  6. You Could Learn Contentment in Every Circumstance 51
  7. You Could Become an Incomparably Stronger and Wiser Person 61
  8. You Could Know the Purpose of Life 69
  9. You Could Belong to the Best and Happiest People on Earth 79
  10. You Could Have the Assurance That the Living God
    Will Welcome You When You Die 89

Conclusion 95



By Donald Macleod, professor of systematic theology, Edinburgh Theological Seminary

This volume begins by challenging the reader not to put it down, and then sets about captivating him, which it does with great success. Written in a racy modern idiom, it alerts us, whether we’re culture-buffs or pop-addicts, to our real needs; and rather than merely telling us where to go looking for God’s answer, it puts that answer within our very grasp. On our journey through these pages, we may meet Peter Sellars and Hermit the Frog, but we’re never far from Jesus Christ as the One through whom alone we ‘can have it all;’ and here the theology is as sure-footed as is the description of Welsh rugby-fans.

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YOU COULD HAVE IT ALL, by Geoffrey Thomas

Reformation Heritage Books, 2020 | 88 pages

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