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P&R, 2012 | 224 pages

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About the Author

Brad Bigney is the senior pastor of Grace Fellowship Evangelical Free Church in Florence, Kentucky. He is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Free Church of America. He is also a member and certified counselor of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors and a member of the Association of Biblical Counselors.

Table of Contents

Part I: So What’s the Problem?
    1.  Idolatry starts with gospel drift.
    2.  Idolatry is an inside job.
    3.  Enough is never enough.
    4.  Idolatry wreaks havoc in your relationships.
    5.  Idolatry changes your identity.
Part II: So What’s the Solution?
    6.  We need an X-Ray of the heart.
    7.  Follow the trail of your time, money, and affections.
    8.  Look for chaos!
    9.  Don’t dare follow your heart.
    10.  Recognize where your heart is most vulnerable.
    11.  Let God be God!
    12.  God’s prescription for freedom.
Part III: So What Difference will it make in my Life?
    13.  What would an idol-free life look like?


Brad Bigney writes a book in the area of practical theology of idolatry in the Christian life and its relationship to the gospel. He argues that idolatry is the root issue and it causes apostasy from the gospel. Part I unpacks a detailed definition of idolatry and all the issues that are a consequence from it. Part II maneuvers through all the matters that accompany idolatry as it progresses towards a concrete solution. This solution is found in repentance and the daily declaration of the gospel to one’s self. Part III describes the Christian life in sanctification through the embracement the gospel and maintenance of an idol free life. The book is both precise and comprehensive. The empty pursuit of idolatry betrays the gospel and all its benefits that are provided in Christ.


Part I.  So What’s the Problem?

Chapter 1 
Idolatry Starts with Gospel Drift

Biblical theology identifies and elaborates for the church the great motifs of Scripture. Unfortunately, many prefer to discuss the splendor of the positive themes rarely entering into discussions of the more grotesque. Idolatry emerges as one of those threads which is found in the latter category. Yet, it is one of the most foundational themes from Genesis to Revelation. Moreover, a proper understanding of this trajectory will reveal one’s proximity to the gospel. That is to say one’s relation to idolatry exposes one’s lack of dependence in Jesus Christ….



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P&R, 2012 | 224 pages

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