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Threshold Editions, 2013 | 337 pages

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By Benjamin J. Montoya


Editor’s Note:  With this summary of Ben Shapiro’s work we continue our “Bonus” Books Summary series on contemporary cultural and societal issues. We hope you enjoy!


About the Author

Benjamin Shapiro entered UCLA at the age of sixteen and graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa in June 2004 with a BA in political science. He graduated Harvard Law School cum laude in June 2007. The author of the national bestsellers, Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s YouthPorn Generation: How Social Liberalism Is Corrupting Our Future, and Project President: Bad Hair and Botox on the Road to the White House, Shapiro has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows around the nation. He is married and currently runs Benjamin Shapiro Legal Consulting, based in Los Angeles. He is editor-at-large of Breitbart.com.



It may have been some time since you picked up a book about bullies. Perhaps even the mention of that word conjures up images from elementary and middle school—even names of people who were bullies. Well, they have not gone away. Despite President Obama addressing the issue of bullying in his first term as president, he and many others are part of a much larger bullying scheme. In fact, the political left has created their system of bullying to take control of the government to enact their agendas. Consider this book further to learn more. Ben Shapiro is also a clear disciple of the likes of people like Andrew Breitbart, and we will soon feature one of his summaries.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1  Institutional Bullies

Chapter 2  Anti-Patriotic Bullies

Chapter 3  Race Bullies

Chapter 4  Class Bullies

Chapter 5  Sex Bullies

Chapter 6  Green Bullies

Chapter 7  Secular Bullies





Chapter 1: Institutional Bullies

The political left is playing a clear bullying game. It goes a little like this. Either someone agrees with what they say and do whatever they want, or else they are vilified. It is sort of like how an extremist religious group may treat people who refuse to bow the knee to their god. The left, however, does this through institutions.

First, they bully people through the government. They try to push the government towards socialism. Now, we live in a free country that is governed by the consent of the governed. If the people of the country wanted to move the country in that direction, there are constitutional ways to do that. But the left does not use these means because they know they would be doomed for failure. Instead, they get the courts to do the jobs of legislators. For example, the left got the Supreme Court to uphold the Obamacare Mandate despite its unconstitutional nature. The Supreme Court is supposed to be free of politics, but when the left is too chicken to use the constitution properly, they must find another way.

Second, the left bullies people in the media. The media is one of the most important areas of our lives today. It is impossible for anyone in the media to be entirely subjective; nevertheless, what the left is doing with the media is another matter altogether. They have created their media front known as Media Matters. They use this organization to further their cause and to work against any groups they do not like, particularly conservatives. Although this organization is supposed to be a non-profit, they sure are using a significant amount of money to further their cause.

Third, the left bullies people using Hollywood. Most actors, actresses, and filmmakers side with the political left. As a result, many of the movies released support this larger leftist agenda. In fact, many of the most popular actors and actresses speak out for leftist politics and speak against any opposing views.

Fourth, the left bullies people in the university. In the one place where you might expect there to be freedom to express your thoughts and learn, the left has hijacked the educational system at this level to indoctrinate the next generation to adopt their beliefs. The sad thing is that it is working. Many people who graduate with degrees are coming out with the same mindset because of how the left bullies their ideas on people even in this setting.


Chapter 2: Anti-Patriotic Bullies

In addition to their bullying front in institutions, the left also bullies in an anti-patriotic manner. This has happened, and continues to happen, in many ways. First, President Obama led the way in more recent times. When he began his presidency he did a sort of “I’m sorry for America” tour to different leaders of different countries, apologizing for how he believes America has messed up in the past. Although this action may appear to be noble, it was actually as anti-patriotic as any president could be. He was essentially demoting the idea of American patriotism with the leftist agenda.

Second, the left has shown itself to be anti-patriotic through recent American history. Did you know that all the presidential assassinations happened by people from the left? In fact, one of the assassins defected to Russia after killing JFK. Why does the left do this? It is because if they cannot have their way politically following the constitution, they force their way.

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Threshold Editions, 2013 | 337 pages

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